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100 + illegals at Arivaca, AZ on 8 February, 2019

Facebook: The Government's Propaganda Arm?

by Jeff Charles via Liberty Nation,
Sat, 02/09/2019 

The social media giant has a disturbing number of former Obama officials in key positions of authority over content.

Facebook recently announced their partnership with the Atlantic Council - which is partly funded by tax dollars - to ensure that users are presented with quality news stories. And by "quality," it seems that they mean "progressive." The council is well known for promoting far-left news sources, including the Xinhua News Agency, which was founded by the Communist Party of China. Well, that's reassuring. What red-blooded American capitalist doesn't want to get the news from a communist regime?

But there one aspect of this story is even more troubling: the government-to-Facebook pipeline. The company has employed a significant number of former officials in positions that grant them influence over what content is allowed on the platform.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's Head of Cybersecurity Policy, prosecuted cybercrimes at the Department of Justice under President Obama. Now, he is responsible for determining who gets banned or suspended from the network.

Gavin McInnes to sue Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Gavin McInnes Launches Lawsuit Against SPLC on Organization’s Hometurf Alleging Defamation and Damages.  McInnes has been harassed, deprived of work, and suffered other damages as a result of being wrongly placed on The South Poverty Law Center’s partisan hate list.

Virginia bill would allow postpartum abortion (sic)


Anti-gun Andrew Cuomo Pushes Radical Abortion Bill

The unhinged dictator of the People's Republic of New York has already made it explicitly clear that those who do not approve of aborting babies are not welcome in his state. A new bill will help Andrew Cuomo to impose this decree:

The so-called Reproductive Health Act would erase basically every regulation and restriction on abortion in the state, and declare the killing of unborn babies a "fundamental right."

Kathleen Gallagher, director of pro-life activities for the New York State Catholic Conference, told the Catholic News Service that the pro-abortion bill "foresees a time in New York where it's a crime to be pro-life."

New York State Right to Life predicted that the bill will lead to the suppression of pro-lifers' freedom of speech and conscience. Doctors and nurses who refuse to help abort unborn babies could lose their jobs, and pro-life advocates could be persecuted for just speaking out for life.

Italian Secret Service: People-smugglers may arrange mass drowning to garner Western sympathy

According to Italian newspaper Il Giornale, the Italian secret services are warning of the possibility of people-smugglers purposely causing a disaster at sea in order to garner sympathy from the West and resume the flow of migration.
Such a move could be a repeat of other major humanitarian disasters such as a shipwreck which killed around 700 migrants on April 18th, 2015, and led to the commencement of Operation Sophia and an outpouring of support for migrant ferry NGOs operating in the Mediterranean Sea.


Italian coastguard blocks Sea-Watch 3 "migrant" rescue ship in Sicily port

Italy's coastguard on Friday blocked the ‘Sea-Watch 3' migrant rescue ship in the port of Catania, citing safety and environmental concerns. The move will delay the vessel's plans to return to patrolling the Libyan coastline. After a long standoff with the Italian government, the Dutch-flagged vessel, run by a German charity, was allowed on Thursday to disembark 47 migrants it had rescued at sea on January 19 in the Sicilian port. Coastguard inspectors who boarded the ‘Sea-Watch' on found "irregularities" relating to safety and environmental standards, Reuters reported. "Until they are resolved, the vessel cannot leave the Catania port," the coastguard said. Italy's government has closed ports to the charity ships and insists that migrants be redistributed among EU states.

French Yellow Vest leader placed in coma after being hit in the face by rubber bullet

Anti-government protesters in France believe Yellow Vest leader Jérôme Rodrigues was deliberately targeted and called for “a mass uprising” against President Macron’s government following the wounding.
Philippe de Veule, Rodrigues’s lawyer, confirmed his client has been “placed in an artificial coma” and was likely to be “handicapped for life”.
Rodrigues was in Place de la Bastille, one of the French capital’s most famous squares, during rioting on Saturday afternoon when he was hit in the right eye.

The Wall in a Nutshell: Its About White Racial Consciousness and the Browning of America

Of all things Trump, the most defining and distinguishing is his advocacy of, and identification with, a wall to curb illegal immigration across our southern border. It was the signature issue in the announcement of his candidacy, an issue no other major candidate would have dared to advocate, an issue that catapulted him into an immediate lead in the polls, and an issue which gained him the immediate and unprecedentedly vehement and bitter opposition and hatred of the "left-wing" media (even greater than their hatred of Nixon, with endemic comparisons to Hitler) and all the other branches of the Anti-White Coalition that dominates the political, corporate, academic, media and cultural establishment.1

Despite the dissimulating and misdirecting rhetoric to the contrary, chiefly from establishment Republican politicians, operatives and "strategists" attempting to rationalize their support for the wall by any means other than race, the wall is widely - and correctly - seen as very much about race, as part of the larger issue of mass non-White immigration and the displacement of Whites as the majority population group and their dispossession and replacement by non-Whites. So it is not surprising that its support and opposition are sharply divided on racial lines. Non-Whites (including semi-European and non-European Caucasians) know that the wall is about race and so they overwhelmingly oppose it. Mass support for the wall is limited to Whites, but because Whites are less racially conscious and because they are less motivated by their racial interests - and therefore more racially divided on political lines - than non-Whites, they support it by only a slight majority.2

While the debate over the wall has been exclusively defined in terms of secondary issues by its proponents, carefully evading and even denying the primary racial issue, its more radical opponents have been honest (and correct) to express their opposition to it racially, defining it as a racist (i.e., pro-White) and therefore immoral means to slow the racial transformation of the country from White to non-White now openly referred to, celebrated and advocated as the "browning of America." The more moderate opponents of the wall, like its proponents, prefer to dissimulate and evade the racial issue by justifying their opposition in terms of secondary concerns, such as its cost (negligible compared to the expenses associated with illegal immigration) or its supposed ineffectiveness, with the strength of their opposition being the most accurate indicator of how effective they really fear it would be. But for both sides the wall is not really about the money. It's about the racial future of the country.

The Gilet Jaune and 'France Profound'

The fight for democracy in the deep countryside.

Venezuela protests ignite as people rally to oust Maduro

Twitter complicit in calling for direct physical violence against innocent Catholic schoolboys

Even though it's now been proven that the mainstream media's version of what allegedly took place in Washington, D.C., on Saturday during the "March for Life" between a group of Catholic schoolboys and a Native American man is 100 percent fake news, far-left social media giant Twitter has done absolutely nothing to set the record straight, nor has it removed any of the hate-filled tweets plastered all over the platform that call for one of the boys, who was seen nervously smiling at his aggressor, to be harassed, physically assaulted, and even murdered.

While countless conservatives have been targeted and removed from Twitter simply for expressing political and social views that Twitter staff disagrees with, celebrities like Kathy Griffin and Ron Perlman, both of whom used the most hateful curse words in the dictionary to verbally annihilate the innocent boy in question, still have active accounts - as do many others who called for the boy to be assaulted with violence, and in one tweet put into a wood chipper and violently murdered, along with all of his friends.

As revealed by Breitbart News, Twitter has allowed all of these threats of violence to persist on its platform, including those made by users with official blue checkmarks, meaning Twitter endorses everything they have to say. And when questioned about the hypocrisy of this blatant double standard, Twitter gave some canned response replete with false claims that it's doing something - even though it's clearly not doing anything, and presumably agrees with the violent, hate-filled sentiments of its Left Cult users.

Left-wing media now ENEMY COMBATANTS in a civil war

The left-wing media is now functioning as a domestic terrorism organization, overtly inciting mob violence against innocent people, purely based on the color of their skin.

Innocent High School Kid Inspires Orgy of Hatred

Covington Catholic Fake News Farce

Four open borders 'activists' convicted of entering wildlife refuge, aiding invaders

Four women were found guilty by a federal judge Friday of illegally entering a national wildlife refuge near the U.S.-Mexico border to leave food and water for illegal immigrants crossing the Arizona desert.

The women were volunteers with No More Deaths, a group aiding illegal immigrants crossing the sometimes treacherous desert landscapes along the border.

Prosecutors said Natalie Hoffman had been driving a vehicle inside the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Arizona on Aug. 13, 2017, and leaving 1-gallon water jugs and cans of beans, reports said.

"The Defendants did not get an access permit, they did not remain on the designated roads, and they left water, food, and crates in the Refuge. All of this, in addition to violating the law, erodes the national decision to maintain the Refuge in its pristine nature," U.S. Magistrate Judge Bernardo Velasco wrote in his three-page order posted online Friday afternoon.

President Trump Offers Amnesty for Border Wall Trade

In response to Pres. Trump's announcement, NumbersUSA President and founder, Roy Beck, issued the following release:

The offer the President announced today is a loser for the forgotten American workers who were central to his campaign promises. An amnesty-for-wall trade would once again reward previous immigration lawbreakers without preventing future immigration lawbreakers. This kind of amnesty deal will incentivize more caravans, more illegal border crossers and more visa overstayers at the expense of the most vulnerable American workers who have to compete with the illegal labor force.

Recap Video Highlighting 24 Hours in the Fake News Impeachment Cycle..

Largest single group of invaders ever tunnels under border wall in Arizona, says "Border Protection" (sic)

A group of 376, including nearly 200 minors, was arrested. The Mexican government is clearly complicit in this act of demographic warfare and should be seen as a clear and present danger to the United States of America.  This is an act of war and should be responded to accordingly. -- Webmaster


"Never believe anything until it has been officially deemed a thought crime." -- S. Byron Gassaway


Nobel Prize-winning DNA pioneer stripped of titles for insisting IQ depends on race & genes

Ninety-year-old Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson has been stripped of his honorary titles by a leading American research institution, after doubling down on his controversial conclusions linking race and intelligence.

Despite nearly half a century service to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), Watson, a world-renowned geneticist, lost all of his honorary titles of Chancellor Emeritus, Oliver R. Grace Professor Emeritus and Honorary Trustee, for refusing to retract his own scientific conclusions.

Anti-White "Leaders" Kick Off Initiative to Remove Confederate Monuments Across Georgia

The initiative is part of a statewide effort led by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP to "allow" communities to decide if they want to keep Confederate symbols in public spaces. Actions will include a "grassroots" movement to advocate for the legislation and a rally the Saturday before the Super Bowl next month. "There is no historical context for Stone Mountain, period," Richard Rose, President of the Atlanta NAACP said. "Nothing happened at Stone Mountain. Lee, Davis and Jackson didn't ride up the mountain."
[Mount Rushmore is next.  The attack on Southern regional symbols is merely dress rehearsal for the coming greater purge of all white history.]


Those nations the globalists want to destroy, they first remove their statues.

"Hate" groups are about to find "lawmakers" of color eager to scrutinize them

Democrats are in charge of the House, and that means Rep. Bennie Thompson, an African American lawmaker from Mississippi, is in charge of the House Homeland Security Committee. He plans to act. ["Hate groups" is a code word for White Americans who oppose massive immigration and comes right out of the Southern Poverty Law Center playbook. The SPLC is the STASI of the USA.] They say that the government has largely ignored the growth of a violent far right that exploded into the public consciousness with the deadly explosion of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. by Timothy McVeigh, an anti-government extremist. [That happened before new Congresswoman Alexandria Ortego-Cortez was even born. What a stretch. What about the 3,000 Americans killed by Muslim terrorists of color in 2001?]

Read more here:

Extreme poverty rises again in Latin America

As Neil Cassidy observed when he lived in Mexico, deep poverty is endemic in Latin America, and it is contagious.  Cassidy was Jack Kerouac's friend and was part of the celebrated Electric Kool Aid Acid Test of counter-culture fame in the '60s.  It is the goal of the Democratic Party to bring that endemic poverty to North America through mass migration.

Coincidence? As invaders from Mexico leverage making Hispanics majority by 2030 -- United States will in synchronicity be demoted from long held First Place to world's THIRD largest economy behind China and India

Mexicans will not only get to celebrate replacing White Americans as the new majority in 2030 -- they will also get to celebrate turning the United States into another Latin American failed state as a byproduct of open borders, mass illegal immigration, and being able to elect rising star Hispanic politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Julian Castro into positions of power.  Non-Hispanics can credit politicians like California's Gavin Newsom, Colorado's Jared Polis, and Washington "leaders" like Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi for turning our once great nation into a third rate country by failing to protect our borders and creating sanctuary cities and states to welcome the invaders. [Of course, Tech Giants like Apple, Microsoft, HP, and IBM should be credited for moving jobs off shore and replacing American engineers, programmers and factory workers with Chinese and Indian substitutes.]

Gov. Gavin Newsom commits financial suicide for the state of California by expanding taxpayer-funded health care coverage to illegal immigrants

The economic illiteracy of newly-elected California governor Gavin Newsom was on full display right after his inauguration ceremony. As his first act as governor, Newsom signed a series of executive orders that fine California citizens without healthcare coverage, while financially catering to illegal immigrants and demanding federal assistance for healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants. California governor Gavin Newsom is committed to pillaging California's hard-working population with higher taxes, while providing illegal immigrants the funds they need for [Cuban-style socialized medicine].

US telecoms selling cellphone data showing user locations in real time

American telecommunications giants are selling access to their customers' location data, leaving them exposed to being tracked by bounty hunters and others, a disturbing report by Motherboard has revealed.

T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T are reportedly among the companies whose data is being used to track phone locations, leaving mobile network users exposed without their knowledge.

US telecommunication companies sell user data to aggregator companies who then sell this information in turn to their own customers. The data can then be re-sold on the black market, where it could fall into the hands of criminals, stalkers and others.

Brazils Bolsonaro Promises to Fire "Filthy" Communists in Government: Pulls Out of Horrid UN Migration Pact

Bolsonaro won his election promising to fight corruption and the crime epidemic in the world's fourth-largest Democracy.

Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousam all attended the inauguration.

A Very Worthy Cause: Support Glen Allen's Lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center

U.S. Senate's First Bill, in Midst of Shutdown, is a Bipartisan Defense of the Israeli Government from Boycotts


In the 2019 GOP-controlled Senate, the first bill to be considered - S.1 - is not designed to protect American workers, bolster U.S. companies, or address the various debates over border security and immigration. It's not a bill to open the government. Instead, according to multiple sources involved in the legislative process, S.1 will be a compendium containing a handful of foreign-policy related measures, a main one of which is a provision, with Florida's GOP Sen. Marco Rubio as a lead sponsor, to defend the Israeli government. The bill is a top legislative priority for AIPAC.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) is a United States law passed in 1938 requiring that agents representing the interests of foreign powers in a "political or quasi-political capacity" disclose their relationship with the foreign government and information about related activities and finances. The purpose is to facilitate "evaluation by the government and the American people of the statements and activities of such persons." The law is administered by the FARA Registration Unit of the Counterespionage Section (CES) in the National Security Division (NSD) of the United States Department of Justice.[1] As of 2007 the Justice Department reported there were approximately 1,700 lobbyists representing more than 100 countries before Congress, the White House and the federal government.[2]

Marco Rubio and Chuck Shumer are clearly acting as Israeli agents.

Resignations rock US civil rights institute after it strips Angela Davis of award over pro-BDS views

Three members quit the board of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute after its controversial decision to first award, then to rescind an award for iconic activist Angela Davis, following objections to her anti-Israel statements.  The gesture of protest came hours after Davis took to Facebook and called the retraction "not an attack against me but rather against the very spirit of the indivisibility of justice."  The mass resignation is the latest step in a spiraling conflict that has torn apart a respected civil rights research center, and publicly humiliated Davis, who, at 74, remains an active campaigner and academic.

PLANNED ABORTION-HOOD? First order of business for the Democrat-led House of Representatives was funding the mass murder of unborn babies using taxpayer's money

After years of Trump's dire warnings, a crisis has hit border but generates little urgency [among Washington's anti-white "elite"]

With parts of the federal government shut down over what has morphed into the defining symbol of Trump's presidency, administration officials are clamoring louder than ever. Only this time, they face a bona fide emergency on the border, and they're struggling to make the case there's truly a problem. [Bring back the House Un-American Activities Committee and haul the anti-American "lawmakers" and activist judges before the committee and start charging them with treason and sedition]

Sheriff: Border Fence Helped Cut Crime in Yuma by 91 Percent

YUMA, Arizona-Right along the southwest border, sheriff's departments are left picking up the pieces in the wake of cross-border crime. It then spreads beyond the border.

Consequently, sheriffs need a bigger seat at the table during border security discussions, said ex-Marine and Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot.

"We all too often see interviews in Washington [with] mayors and governors but, no offence, they are not the ones that are down here on the border," Wilmot said in an interview at his office on May 25.

"They are not the ones that are investigating the crimes. They are not the ones out here when it's 120 degrees, processing a crime scene where 14 people were left to die in the desert."

Veteran Who Started Border Wall GoFundMe Tries to Meet With Nancy Pelosi [and is ignored]

"We were told last night that Nancy Pelosi was going to be in here and we were going to meet with her to go over immigration and the wall and we showed up and of course she's not here," Kolfage said.

"When someone from her office came out, we explained who I was and that I was raising money for the border wall they scoffed at it and laughed and acted like it was some big joke."

Kolfage's attempted meeting came after Pelosi joked when asked how much funding she would approve for the wall that she would grant "one dollar."

A special deployment of Brazilian troops began fanning out in the northern city of Fortaleza Saturday with orders to stop a spike in violent attacks by criminal gangs against banks, buses and shops, officials said.

Pelosi would meet with an illegal alien in a New York minute, but holds American citizens in contempt and disdain.

Brazil's national police deployed to curb wave of unrest

A special deployment of Brazilian troops began fanning out in the northern city of Fortaleza Saturday with orders to stop a spike in violent attacks by criminal gangs against banks, buses and shops, officials said.

A perfect snapshot of Latin American demography.
Alex GOMES / O Povo / AFP

African Infiltrators Have Highest Crime Rate in Israeli Population

The data shows that in 2017, Eritreans and Sudanese nationals had 4.3 times more sex crime cases, 3.5 times more violent crime cases, and 3.1 times more theft and damage to property cases than the general public. The information was obtained through a freedom of information request to the Israeli Immigration Policy Center (IIPC).

"In addition, these crime offenses gravely influence the population's sense of personal security, as opposed to white collar offenses and tax offenses. It is important to stress that in some cases, the Sudanese and Eritrean population is involved in severe crime, which Israeli society is not accustomed to, such as the assault and rape of the elderly, eight-year-old girls, and disabled women. Therefore, these crimes are enough to create an atmosphere of fear, especially in neighborhoods like south Tel Aviv, with a high percentage of asylum seekers," the Immigration Policy Center added.

Yonatan Yakobovich, the director of the Immigration Policy Center, said: "It's about time to put an end to the false information being disseminated about foreign nationals. The data we've received from the police unequivocally proves that the crime rate among the infiltrators is significantly higher than their proportion of the population, and the nature of these offenses influences Israeli citizens' sense of personal safety.

African Diaspora Enriches Melbourne

Another violent brawl involving a gang of African men has been filmed by terrified onlookers in Melbourne. The incident, which took place on Christmas Eve, allegedly began when the gang asked a group of Vietnamese men for cigarettes. When the men refused to hand over the cigarettes, they were violently attacked.

Meanwhile, halfway around the planet:

Video Shows Beating at CTA Red Line Chicago Station

CHICAGO (CBS)-Chicago police are looking for a group of [black] male "teenagers" wanted in connection with several attacks that happened Dec. 29 at the Chicago Avenue Red Line station.

San Francisco, Window on Our Progressive Future

Tourists staying at the nearby Hilton San Francisco Union Square might have been able to watch this out their window - assuming that rapidly decaying San Francisco still has tourists.

There was a time when it would have been unthinkable that you would see a savage beat someone possibly to death (the victim's injuries are considered life-threatening) in the middle of town (Ellis Street between Taylor and Jones, near Market Street) in broad daylight and walk away unmolested. Those were the dark ages, when everyone was a bigot, unenlightened by political correctness.

At least Melton Earl Kelly was later arrested for this crime. Not even San Francisco has hit rock bottom quite yet.

Want to see America’s future? Look to San Francisco, always at the cutting edge of progressivism. This video sums up what will be left when moonbattery finishes rotting away what’s left of civilization:

John Derbyshire -- Wikipedia

In April 2012, Derbyshire wrote an article for Taki's Magazine titled "The Talk: Nonblack Version." The article was a response to reports in the news media about "talks" given by African-American parents to their children warning them to be careful with police and to avoid arousing suspicion.

The article, which he presented in terms of advice he had given his own children on interacting with African-Americans, made the point that members of any race could theoretically warn their children about the dangers posed by other ethnic groups. Derbyshire presented multiple statistics regarding disparities in IQ test scores and rates of violent crime between blacks and whites, and described "about five percent" of black people as being "ferociously hostile" to whites, relying solely on personal anecdotal experience to make the latter claim. He then advised his readers to avoid settling in black neighborhoods, avoid events that draw large numbers of black people, and refrain from helping black people who appear to be in distress. He advised white readers to scrutinize black politicians more heavily than white ones, and to cultivate friendships with the minority of "intelligent and well socialized blacks" for reasons of both "ordinary pleasures of friendship" and for "gain[ing] an amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice."[18]

White Renegade of the Year for 2018

"To see and not to speak would be the great betrayal," said Enoch Powell. Worse is to see, to know, to speak, and then act destructively anyway. Angela Merkel, White Renegade of the Year 2015, did this when she welcomed a massive migrant flow into Europe years after declaring multiculturalism was a failure. Yet this year's renegade has less excuse. He clearly warned of the consequences of mass immigration, but still pushes catastrophic policies on his people-even in the face of failure and furious opposition. This year's White Renegade of the Year is the president of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

Mexican mayor killed in broad daylight less than 2 hours after taking office

A freshly-sworn-in mayor of Tlaxiaco, a town in Oaxaca state, was on a his first assignment when he and four other people were attacked by gunmen. The mayor died in hospital. A perpetrator has been arrested.

Alejandro Aparicio served in his new capacity as the president of Tlaxiaco municipality for a mere hour and a half before he was assaulted with a deadly weapon while heading to his first inspection as the head of the local government.

The state general prosecutor's office reported that the attack took place around noon, as the mayor, together with his advisors and staff, was walking the street after the swearing-in ceremony.

US border agents gas 'rock-throwing' invaders on Mexican border, usual "witnesses" allege overreaction

US border patrol have deployed tear gas against criminal invaders in Tijuana, just across from San Diego. The authorities say they repelled an attack by violent rock-throwers. Anti-American media reports suggest the action was uncalled for, however.  [The "media" sees rock throwing criminals as gentle invaders just looking to force their way into California through intimidation and potentially deadly force]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Venezuelans stalking open seas as socialist economy collapses

With rich Caribbean fishing grounds on their doorstep, the villagers of Cedros in Trinidad are never short of fishermen's tales to tell.  The latest stories to do the rounds though, are not about record-breaking hauls of kingfish. Today the fishermen themselves have become the catch.  "I was out picking up my nets late one afternoon when a boatload of armed men came at me at full speed," said Brian Austin, 54. "From about 200 metres away they started firing shots around my boat - it was terrifying. Luckily, I have a high-powered engine, so I managed to speed off, but they took my nets and all the fish in them."


Lawsuit Could Take Down SPLC

A prominent attorney in Baltimore, Md. has filed a landmark lawsuit in federal court against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), one of its officers, Heidi Beirich, and a former officer, Mark Potok. Glen Allen alleges that the two, in the course of orchestrating Allen’s dismissal from his position as an attorney with the Baltimore City Law Department, committed numerous unethical and illegal acts, including receipt of stolen property, improper disclosure of confidential and privileged documents, failure to properly train and supervise Beirich and Potok, and falsely claiming Allen was “infiltrating” the Baltimore City Law Department.

Allen sets the stage for his claims by detailing some of the many trenchant criticisms from across the political spectrum that have been leveled in recent years against the SPLC, Beirich, and Potok.

In the filing, he contrasts the robust dialogue, open debate, aversion to taboos, and genuine conversation that lie at the heart of America’s remarkable traditions of free expression—as embodied, among other ways, in the First Amendment—with the SPLC approach, which is “to draw lines of political or cultural orthodoxy, develop massive surveillance networks and extensive dossiers, and severely punish perceived transgressors who cross those lines, seem to cross them, or even seem to think about crossing them,” Allen writes in his complaint.

Tide Turning Against Neo-Bolsheviks

The recent arrest of a top antifa terrorist sparks hope that law enforcement will finally begin to probe the radical left. Will some measure of justice finally be brought to the radical left? 

By John Friend

A prominent leader of the Philadelphia-based antifa movement was recently charged with crimes relating to an assault on a number of United States Marine Corps reservists that took place on the afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 17, near a “We the People” rally at Independence Mall in the City of Brotherly Love.

The rally, which was organized primarily on social media, attempted to bring together a variety of patriotic, pro-America organizations and individuals concerned about the future of the country. As is typical of conservative rallies, counterprotesters showed up to demonstrate against the rally, including a number of individuals affiliated with the antifa movement, which is known for violently confronting and assaulting its political opponents at public events.

Illegal alien with Mexican gang ties arrested in murder of California cop


Anti-Trump Oakland mayor insists she 'did the right thing' in tipping off illegal immigrants about ICE raid

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf -- who once warned Northern California residents about an impending ICE raid -- said she has "no regrets" for her actions and said the federal immigration agency "has gone astray."

"I have no regrets, none. The more time goes by, the more certain I feel that I did the right thing in standing up for our community and pointing out our values are not aligned with our laws," Schaff told BuzzFeed in an interview. "That's hopefully the message that is sent out."

Sweden in "State of War" - Police Expert

U.N. Will Soon Try to Enforce Open Borders on White Nations as a "Human Right"

Dan 2:31-35: Thou, O king, saw, and behold a great image.  This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible. This image’s head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. Thou saw till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and broke them to pieces. Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing-floors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth.

The story behind the naming of the Dalton Trumbo fountain

Wow! US Government Announces $10.6 Billion in Aid to Mexico and Central America -- But ZERO DOLLARS for Border Wall

This comes on the same day White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders wrongly announced there will be no shutdown over border wall funding.

Chuck Shumer voted to fund the Israeli wall in the Occupied Territories, and to give billions of dollars in foreign aid to Mexico and Central American failed states -- but not for America.

No border == no country == illegitimate government.’re-not-getting-your-wall/ar-BBRh0Bb?ocid=spartandhp

A new GoFundMe page is going viral. I would encourage patriots to
donate and to tell others about this effort.


YOU can donate via GoFundMe to build America's secure border wall.
Please consider donating to this amazingly successful effort!

Purple Heart Recipient and triple amputee veteran Brian Kolfage has
established a GoFundMe page to fund America's secure border wall.

HUGE! TRUMP Border Wall GoFundMe Page Passes $3.3 Million in
Donations in 3 Days

   The total at 2 PM central standard time today (Friday 12/21) was over $12,737,000 . I think the people are speaking their minds ... and regardless of what Chuckie and Peloser think , we will have this wall .

They lied: The UN Migration Pact is legally binding and could be valid for all countries

Demographic Replacement: About Half K-8 Students in U.S. Are Now Non-White

Suzanne Gamboa, NBC News, December 11, 2018


The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that 49.9 percent of the K-8 students in 2017 were non-Hispanic white, down from 56.7 percent a decade earlier.


In the K-12 population, white, non-Hispanic students are 50.9 percent of the student body, a drop from 57.6 percent in 2007, according to the Census.

Meanwhile, the Hispanic student K-12 population rose from 19.9 percent to 25 percent in 2017.

Replacements for White Americans storm fence at Tijuana-San Diego border.

The Shrinking American Middle Class

US Border Crisis: 100,000 Illegal Immigrants in 60 Days

In the past two months alone, more than 100,000 people have been apprehended for illegally crossing into the United States. That's the highest number for October and November in four of the past five years (the end of 2016 spiked before President Donald Trump took office).

During fiscal 2017, almost 400,000 people were apprehended along the southwest border after crossing illegally-averaging out to almost 1,100 per day. A further 124,500 turned up at ports of entry without documentation.

UN Secretary-General: The Western world needs more Third World invasion to "survive"

Industrialised countries need even more [invasion] in order for their welfare to survive, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres explained in his introductory speech in Marrakesh on Monday.

On Monday, the Global Migration Pact was adopted at the UN’s two-day conference in Marrakesh, Morocco. The severely criticised pact was adopted to a several minutes long applause.

However, a number of countries, including several EU states, have refused to sign it because they believe that the agreement threatens national security and sovereignty.

They also believe that it will promote even more migration. But that may be exactly what the UN wants. If nothing else, the UN Secretary-General is clear about his views on migration. He believes that the welfare in developed countries will collapse without even more [invasion].

"Your time is up": South Africa sets date for white farmer land grabs in March 2019

The country’s National Assembly approved a proposal to change the constitution to make the so-called reforms legal in a vote of 183 to 77.  This paves the way for land to be taken from farmers without giving any kind of compensation.

Mother of all white flight to hit NY schools and De Blasio pretends he had nothing to do with it

New York is facing an educational disaster. Mayor Bill De Blasio's socialist plan to end meritocratic entry to New York's famed specialty schools - in performing arts, hard sciences, engineering, academic achievement - in the name of racial equality, is about to trigger a huge white flight. And not just white flight, Asian flight. Here's an excellent report from New York Post columnist Karol Markowitz:

In a push to improve diversity at District 15 middle schools in Brooklyn, Mayor de Blasio last week approved a plan to remove admission standards at all of them.


The announcement of the changes featured some blatant doublespeak. “The District 15 middle-school diversity plan will remove screens from all middle schools and will prioritize 52 percent of sixth-grade seats for students from low-income families, English-language learners and students in temporary housing.” Got that? They will remove screens and replace them with other screens.

The removal of standards won’t just be academic. Schools that previously focused on music or the arts will no longer be able to audition students. Students who have dedicated their lives to learning to play the cello will be in classes alongside kids who have no interest in the arts at all.

Does that sound revolting or what?

Mayor Bill De Blasio at gay pride parade.

"Refugees" are flown in at night and given SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS and PASSPORTS completely non-vetted. Share this EVERYWHERE!!
Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passport Upon Arrival
Courtesy of the Jeff Rense radio show, this video has shocking information all Americans should be aware of regarding the United Nations refugee resettelment programs active in the USA today.

UN Migration Pact Crumbles As Attention Drawn to Disturbing 'Replacement Migration' Plan

Bulgaria has become the latest nation to reject the United Nations' controversial "migration pact" joining the US, Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Israel and Poland.

"Bulgaria will not join a United Nations accord on regulating the treatment of migrants worldwide and would not attend the conference marking its formal adoption in Morocco next week, its centre-right government decided on Wednesday," Reuters reports.

The pact reportedly seeks to make immigration a "human right" and "criminalize criticism of migration" as "hate speech."

Police Arrest Leader of Dutch Yellow Vests Ahead of Nationwide Protests Against Political Correctness

Police in the Netherlands have arrested the leader of Dutch ‘yellow vests’ movement ahead of planned nationwide protests against “political correctness” and open border policies this weekend.

On Saturday, soon-to-be-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issued a statement from her office promising to pass a DREAM Amnesty bill.

The last time she was Speaker of the House, from 2007 through 2010, The House passed a DREAM Amnesty bill that would have given a full path to citizenship to 3.2 million illegal aliens who came into the US, or said they came into the US, before the age of 18. That DREAM Act had no limit to the number of people it could cover and no age limit.

This DREAM Act she says she will pass will be a nightmare act containing NO PROTECTIONS FOR AMERICAN WORKERS! No protections, none, zippo. There will be:

  NO E-Verify to make sure that in the future only legal residents of the U.S. can work in US jobs.

►   NO limits on extended chain migration, to make sure that more Americans are not forced out of jobs in the future.

►   NO punishment for Sanctuary Cities. Heck, many very vocal House Democrats want to turn the entire United States into a Sanctuary Nation!

►   NO reform of asylum procedures that currently make it easy to manipulate the system.

There WILL be permanent status for the 300,000+ Central Americans and other nationalities who are in this country temporarily on the TPS program. Plus, Pelosi's statement specifically said the new Democratic majority will not allow any wall to be built.

This DREAM Amnesty is almost like the opposite of the Goodlatte bill that we supported earlier this year and which failed to pass by only 20 votes. THAT bill would've brought REAL REFORM by mandating E-Verify for every US employer, stopping extended chain migration, punishing sanctuary cities, strengthening the border, cleaning up asylum.

In exchange for all those desperately needed reforms, the bill would have allowed the modest 690,000 current DACA program recipients to be here permanently.

Pelosi's bill will more than quadruple the number amnestied while removing all the protections to American workers that were contained in the Goodlatte bill.

German Government Funding Brochure That Encourages Kids to Spy on Their "Right-Wing" Parents

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs in Germany has been accused of funding a brochure for kindergarten teachers that encourages children to spy on their "right-wing" parents.

The 60-page manual was produced by the Berlin-based Amadeu Antonio Foundation (AAS), an watchdog organization that tackles racism and hate speech. It was co-funded by the Family Ministry, which is a cabinet-level ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The document offers teachers advice on situations such as, "How to deal with it when teachers or parents make anti-refugee or racist statements in front of children, or directly attack refugee children or parents?"

Germany's biggest newspaper BILD said the manual was a training guide for recruiting children as potential "informants" against their own parents, while right-wing party AfD said the NGO was employing "Stasi methods" to turn kids into snoopers.

++ Unfassbar! SPD-Bundesfamilienministerin #Giffey lässt unsere Kinder ausspionieren ++
Das Heer der Gesinnungsschnüffler infiltriert neuerdings auch die Kitas und Kindergärten auf der Jagd nach Rechts. Das geht eindeutig zu weit!#AfD

- Alternative für ???? Deutschland (@AfD) November 28, 2018

One particular description of two children whose parents supposedly belonged to a local right-wing group was particularly disturbing because it portrayed children adopting natural gender roles as being a "right-wing" trait.

Germany gives top security job to official who thought Christmas market terrorist was harmless

Jutta Porzucek is to take over management of Department One of the police in Berlin. She became infamous for failing to see the danger Anis Amri presented, the man responsible for killing 12 people in a vehicular terror attack at the Christmas market in Berlin on 19 December 2016.

She would be the second woman holding a top position in the security services. Jutta Porzucek is to replace the current manager of department one of Reinickendorf/Pankow in Berlin responsible for 638,000 residents.

Australian party leader praises strict immigration policy of tribe that killed US missionary

Pauline Hanson, the leader of an Australian right-wing political party, says the Sentinel Island tribe that killed US missionary John Allen Chau with bows and arrows, should be praised for their immigration policies.

The pre-Neolithic Sentinelese tribe that riddled a lone American missionary with arrows and left his body on a beach were protecting "their way of life through the enforcement of their strict zero-gross-immigration policy," read a formal motion lodged with the Australian Senate by the leader of Pauline Hanson's One Nation. She has asked the Senate to acknowledge and support the tribe's desire to remain untouched.

Spain Far-Right Vox Party Gains Foothold in Andalusia Election

A far-right party has won seats in a Spanish regional election for the first time in decades.

The Vox party took 12 parliamentary seats in Andalusia on Sunday, beating expectations that it would win five.

Tough on immigration, Vox could be a kingmaker in a coalition in Andalusia.

Its breakthrough is the latest in a nationalist surge that has swept across Europe. Many had thought Spain was immune because of memories of life under a fascist dictatorship.
France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen tweeted (in French): “Strong and warm congratulations to my friends from Vox, who tonight in Spain scored a meaningful result for such a young and dynamic movement.”

There was a time when being for God, King and Country weren't far right but perfectly normal. Spain needs to focus all her efforts on making life better for her native ethnic groups and dispensing with the non-European ethnic(s) (within) its borders.


The Illegal Immigrant Invader War on the American Border

USA - -( The struggle along America's southern border is a war.

It is largely a psychological war. Foreigners are taunting the American government and trying to get the news media to focus on American law enforcement rather than the people trying to break into our country.

This struggle is historic. It is the tip of a wave of law breaking foreigners, who would love to move into the United States and dictate to law abiding Americans the terms under which the law breakers will be accepted, supported, and subsidized.
Ultimately, this war is a function of will power and cleverness. The foreign invaders have a huge advantage. Most of the American news media and the American Left is on their side.

The news media does not want to explore the aggressiveness - and in some cases criminality - of those seeking to come into the United States. Nor do news outlets want to report on the total number of people who will illegally enter the United States over the next few years if the American border control system collapses.

The news media does not want to examine how many billions of dollars the Mexican cartels have made from human trafficking and assisting people to break American laws. Nor does it want to widely report stories about law-abiding Americans who are killed or harmed by people who are in the country illegally - such as the story of the 28-year-old 6th grade school teacher in Texas who was killed in a hit-and-run on Thanksgiving Day by an illegal immigrant who was on bond from an assault charge.

For the last several decades, the Left has tried to change the terms of the entire debate. The Left hates the term illegal immigrant. They prefer the softer (and less accurate) term undocumented worker. After all illegal immigrant implies that the person is doing something illegal. On the Left, that is an unthinkably negative description.

On the Left, everyone becomes a refugee seeking asylum. It doesn't matter if they come from middle-class families and live in safe towns. On the Left, they are transmuted into frightened, endangered people who should receive sympathy without scrutiny.
There is an entire network of left-wing organizations dedicated to recruiting and helping people break American immigration laws.

Additionally, there are very smart left-wing activists who fully understand how to manipulate the American news media.

Many of the illegal migrants are taught to memorize key phrases, so they will meet technical requirements the Border Patrol has to follow - even if the migrants are lying.

Pat Buchanan On Trump's Crucial Test At San Ysidro

Monday, Trump called on Mexico City to deal with the migrants seeking to breach our border, and threatened that if Mexico does not act, he could close one of the world’s busiest crossings, and for good:

“Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries. Do it by plane, do it by bus, do it anyway you want, but they are NOT coming into the U.S.A.,” Trump tweeted, “We will close the Border permanently if need be. Congress, fund the WALL!”

Trump thus laid down a marker for himself. Either he halts the caravans, or he will be seen as the failed enforcer of America’s border.


Homeland Security chief backs up border patrol saying "caravan migrants ARE using women and children as human shields" and warns rock-throwers that "self-defense isn't debatable"

San Diego's top Border Patrol agent Rodney Scott said migrant caravan men who threw rocks at border agents used women and children as human shields.  Border Patrol agents' union chief called it ‘absolutely monstrous' and says ‘they pushed women and children up front'.
Scott also claims members of the swelling migrant caravan on the border are mostly economic migrants, not asylum-seekers. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen agreed with this assessment in lengthy Facebook statement. President Trump threatened to shut U.S. border with Mexico permanently if migrant caravan members are not deported. He also claimed ‘grabbers' among the caravan adults are snatching up children that aren't theirs, in order to make their attempt to get into the U.S. easier.
Migrants threw rocks and bottles that hit Border Patrol agents on Sunday at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. They responded by firing pepper-spray canisters and rubber bullets into crowds of people as they neared the border.

Member of European Parliament Warns New UN Pact Will Make it Illegal to Criticize Mass Immigration

MEP Marcel de Graaff warns that the United Nations global compact on migration will make it a criminal offense for citizens and media outlets to criticize mass immigration.

Speaking during a press conference in the European Parliament, de Graaff, Co-President of the ENF and leader of the Party for Freedom in the European Parliament, said that the deal represented "a coup d'etat of pro-migration liberal globalists, which will greatly benefit multinationals."

"One basic element of this new agreement is the extension of the definition of hate speech. The agreement wants to criminalize migration speech. Criticism of migration will become a criminal offense. Media outlets that give room to criticism of migration can be shut down," warned de Graaff.

"In fact, it will become impossible to criticize Merkel's welcome migrants politics without being at risk to be jailed for hate speech," he added, noting, "Countries who import the third world will become the third world."

Another defeat for national sovereignty: U.S. judge blocks Trump asylum restrictions

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov 20 - A U.S. judge on Monday temporarily blocked an order by President Donald Trump that barred asylum for immigrants who enter the country illegally from Mexico, the latest courtroom defeat for Trump on immigration policy. 

[American citizens will learn to live in fear as activist judges and the ACLU open the floodgates allowing violent gangs, criminals, and terrorists a free pass to enter the U.S.A..  The ACLU has long served as a kind of national AIDS virus, destroying the legal defense mechanisms that Western Civilization has long used to keep out undesirable aliens and enemies from entrance to our sovereign nations. Rather than merely helping Central Americans flee violence, the judicial decision will bring that violence to our nation, bringing fear and death to Americans heretofore limited to Latin American failed states. -- Webmaster /S. Byron Gassaway]

Illegal Immigrant in Viral Police Shootout in U.S. Under DACA, ICE Says

The illegal immigrant whose shootout with an Arkansas sheriff’s deputy last week was caught on a dashboard cam and went viral was in the U.S. under the Obama-era DACA program, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Monday.

Luis Cobos-Cenobio, 29, faces charges of terrorism and attempted capital murder after a shooting spree that saw him open fire at on police during two separate confrontations as he tried to escape a routine traffic stop last week, authorities said.

Mr. Cobos-Cenobio had at least two previous arrests, officials said, including one misdemeanor charge in 2015 that brought him to ICE’s attention. But the Obama administration, which was in office at the time, concluded he wasn’t a danger, and declined to pursue deportation.

Illegal alien gunman lays waste to police cruiser as officer miraculously survives shootout

Arkansas police have released footage of the moment one of their officers cheated death when a motorist opened fire without warning during a routine traffic stop.  Suspect Luis Cobos Cenobio allegedly opened fire with a handgun on Washington County Cpl. Brett Thompson after the police officer pulled him over for a traffic violation.  Footage of the near fatal shootout has now been released by Washington County Police, showing how the gunman suddenly opened fire with a barrage of bullets, puncturing several holes in the cop's car.  According to the police, Thompson stopped the two-passenger vehicle as it was travelling down Steele Road, Tontitown. However, when the officer went to approach the car the driver "immediately open his car door and began shooting."

Merkel Deep-sixed Germany, Diversity Deep-sixed Western Civilization

The famous French novelist, Jean Raspail, notes that the novel he wrote in the early 1970s, The Camp of the Saints, could not be written today in France. It would be in violation of laws passed to prevent French citicizens from protesting the overrunning of their country by African and Islamic peoples who have nothing in common with the historic French people. Anyone opposed to the destruction of the French race, a destruction predicted by Raspail in his novel written almost 5 decades ago, is today regarded by law as a “white supremist” and a “nationalist” quilty of violating laws against speaking against diversity.

CIS Checks in with the Troops of Operation Faithful Patriot

  • New troops and equipment were still rolling into at least two main camps in South Texas the week before Thanksgiving, one at the sleepy Donna Port of Entry and the other at the busier Hidalgo Port of Entry. Tents were going up. Heavy construction equipment and large trucks had been brought in and parked, along with Humvees. Helicopters reconnoitered above the camps or flew past them.
  • Although unconfirmed, in the town of Weslaco about 15 miles inland from the river, acres of land cleared, leveled and newly fenced, at least to my mind, bore all the hallmarks of one of the “tent cities” of the sort DHS said would be used for extended detentions of caravanners seeking asylum. The compound was at least 25 acres. It was very freshly cleared and surrounded by fencing with “Warning: military installation” signs posted at intervals while a large abandoned former furniture store nearby was taken over by the army.  No tents had been set up here but long rows of port-o-potties could be seen and large stationary CBP outdoor lighting banks had been set up throughout the largely empty interior. The space would be good to store heavy construction equipment and vehicles too.


Canada Now A Base For Islamic Jihadis Preparing Attacks On US

OTTAWA and TORONTO - The US and Canada share the longest undefended border in the world. There hasn't been a reason to defend it because there hasn't been a serious threat from either country in a couple hundred years. There is now.

Canada is today the happy home of thousands of radical Islamists, ex-ISIS fighters and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their numbers continue to grow, with Islamists infiltrating the Canadian government on several levels.

Latvian anti-immigration propaganda poster

Orbán: 'EU Leaders are Slowly But Surely Turning Indigenous Europeans Into a Minority'

Orbán says of the globalist vision:
Brussels today is ruled by those who want to replace an alliance of free nations with a European empire: a European empire led not by the elected leaders of nations, but by Brussels bureaucrats. Believers in a European empire are also in government in a number of European countries today. This is how we can know what that brave new world will be like if it is up to them: the appearance of increasing numbers of men of fighting age arriving from other continents and other cultures, within our lifetime shaping European cities in their own image, slowly but surely turning indigenous Europeans into a minority; terror as a part of life in large cities; political manipulation an everyday reality, justified on the grounds of the rule of law; and freedom of speech and the press which only extends as far as the freedom to echo their ideas.

A City of White Ghosts and Vanishing Memories

It was a week of despair — and hope. A week of mourning — and faith in resurrection. It was a homecoming to a home that no longer exists. A city that fell victim to an invasion of incomprehensible scale, of overwhelming numbers and laundered money.

Caravan of invaders reaches US border and climbs fence, taunting Border Patrol

If open-borders lawyers aiding caravan "migrants" and activist, extreme Left judges succeed in letting these militant invaders just walk into the U.S.A., we will cease to have any control over our borders and sovereignty.  The few thousand "migrants" will turn into a tsunami of invaders.  They will then become unstoppable and the U.S. will quickly become a Third World shit hole country like the places these invaders are fleeing from.  At that point, Donald Trump will have betrayed the voters who elected him into the White House and he will go down in disgrace as a hated and failed President.

UN Demands Ban on Trump-style Nationalist Populism

The latest shoe to drop in the UN war on speech came from fringe leftist activist Tendayi Achiume, whose formal title is literally “UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.” According to her biography at UCLA, the assistant law professor’s work focuses on “the global governance of racism and xenophobia.” In other words, she is a globalist and a professional race hustler hoping to implement global speech controls. Another one of her interests is flooding what remains of Western Christian civilization with massive immigration from alien cultures, part of what she calls “Migration as Decolonization.” Achiume, identified by the UN as a Zambian, also has worked for South Africa’s notoriously corrupt judicial system dominated by the African National Congress (ANC) and its South African Communist Party controllers.

In a new report to the discredited UN “Human Rights Council,” Achiume claims “ascendant nationalist populist ideologies and strategies pose a sobering threat to racial equality by fuelling discrimination, intolerance and the creation of institutions and structures that will have enduring legacies of racial exclusion.” Translated into normal English, for Americans who do not inhabit the tax-funded world of far-left academia, Achiume is claiming that the agenda promoted by U.S. President Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and many other national leaders, is racist and illegal. Ironically, the UN “human rights” outfit is literally dominated by mass murderers and tyrants — the regimes ruling Cuba, China, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and more all sit on it. And so, the U.S. government recently withdrew.

'Europe will be white': Polish leaders sanction massive far-right march in Warsaw

Government officials have agreed to conduct a joint march with far-right organizations to commemorate Poland’s Independence Day, raising concerns that the ruling Law and Justice party is legitimizing fascist viewpoints.  Since 2009, the celebration of Polish Independence Day has become a rallying point for far-right organizations from all over Europe, some of which openly describe themselves as fascists or Nazis. This year marks the centenary of the

Day X: Germany's far-right commandos reportedly plotted to kill top politicians when order 'falls'

Secret plot by 200 elite neo-Nazi soldiers within 'German SAS' to slaughter politicians and immigrants in mission known as 'Day X' is smashed after former major confesses all

Two-hundred elite soldiers who formed a covert neo-Nazi faction within Germany's equivalent of the SAS planned to butcher immigrants to the country. They conspired to unleash chaos on what they code-named Day X when they planned to kill Green Party leader Claudia Roth, foreign minister Heiko Mass and ex-president Joachim Gauck. But authorities smashed the breakaway group of the Bundeswehr's KSK unit before their death squads could carry out the assassinations.


UN turns down caravan migrants' demand for buses to get to US

United Nations representatives in Mexico have said that the UN will not facilitate the transportation of some 5,000 caravan migrants to the US border since the issue has not been agreed upon by either Mexico or the US itself.

A delegation of some 200 migrants marched to the UN's offices in Mexico City on Thursday, demanding the organization provide them with buses to the US border, which is still some 600 miles (965 km) away from the caravan's current location.

Anti-White German Prime Minister Angela Merkel Accelerates Kalergi Plan

As Colognization continues, Germans have been figuring out what is being inflicted on them: soft genocide, the result of which will be the same as with hard genocide. This is in accordance with the malevolent dreams of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, primary Founding Father of the ideology prevailing within the Eurocracy. The Kalergi Plan calls for blending the European race out of existence. Black Pigeon Speaks sounds the alarm:

Hundreds of migrants storm barrier between Spain and North Africa

Coming by caravan to USA: How brutal murders and fear kept a town silent. MS-13 is like no other gang

Despite its international reputation for hacking up victims with machetes -- sometimes brazenly leaving the bloodied, mangled corpses in the open -- the street gang MS-13 slipped into Mendota relatively unnoticed. Few people outside the rural town in California's Central Valley knew MS-13 had infiltrated the area at least a decade ago. MS-13 carved out a reign of terror resulting in at least 14 brutal murders in and around Mendota from 2015 to 2017. There was little or no media coverage on some of the murders, some of which had been initially labeled as suspicious deaths.  Arrests in the string of murders were absent, except in two killings. The gang is also known for extortion, kidnapping and drug trafficking, among a deluge of crimes. That's kept nearly everyone quiet, including city leaders, who failed to sound the alarm, say residents, victims' relatives and former city elected officials.

"Land of Censorship and Home of the Fake": Alternative voices removed on Facebook and Twitters crackdown

Alternative voices online are incensed after Facebook and Twitter closed down hundreds of political media pages ahead of November's crucial midterm elections. Facebook says they broke its spam rules, they say it's censorship. Some 800 pages spanning the political spectrum, from left-leaning organizations like The Anti Media, to flag-waving opinion sites like Right Wing News and Nation in Distress, were shut down. Other pages banned include those belonging to police brutality watchdog groups Filming Cops and Policing the Police. Even RT America's Rachel Blevins found her own page banned for posts that were allegedly "misleading users."


Communists Planning Armed Insurrection on Twitter

Communist agitators took to Twitter this week to brainstorm strategies for a violent armed insurrection against their perceived enemies.
"Dr. Bones," the co-host of the far-left podcast The Guillotine, started the conversation going with his 5,000-plus Twitter followers. Bones (@Ole_Bonsey on Twitter) asked: "Hey quick little question for military minded lefties: should leftists train/organize in a 'insurgent' focus where they blend into a civilian population for potential attacks or a more 'militia' structure focused on holding/maintaining turf?"

Bones went on to suggest that fellow travelers organize "hidden cells" and focus on ambushes and assassinations to bleed "right-leaning forces" dry. He said that during the day comrades should pretend to be into "helping everybody" and never talk about their "nighttime activities."


Antifa Website Calls for 'Slaughter' of 'Fascistic Border Patrol Dogs and Their Bosses'

Now is the time to mobilize the masses, particularly the immigrant masses from Central America and Mexico, to exact revolutionary vengeance and seize power. Without it, everything is just empty words. End the barbarism. End U.S. imperialism.  "This author only hopes that this chapter in American history will also include the moment when revolutionaries rose up with the masses and slaughtered the fascistic Border Patrol dogs and their bosses, slaying them with revolutionary fire and justice."

By "bosses," he presumably means Carla L. Provost, the chief of the U.S. Border Patrol; her boss, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen; and her boss, President Donald J. Trump.


Somalis Riot at Minnesota Amusement Park, Forcing Evacuation

Putin says European Union encourages invasion from Africa by offering large social benefits

African invaders throw acid at Spanish police officers

Liberal threats against Donald Trump border on insanity and outright treason

What these dauntless politicians and celebrities fail to understand is that they are creating the conditions where inciting violence against the US leader is considered to be somehow normal. The fact is it's not. Depending on the comment, it could be a felony punishable by multiple years in prison, and simply by virtue of being a celebrity or government official does not put these people above the law.

President Trump: Iraq and Afghanistan Wars "The Worst Single Mistake Ever Made In The History Of Our Country"

During an interview with The Hill Wednesday, President Trump pinpointed the US invasion of the middle east as more catastrophic even than the US Civil War, calling it "The worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country." "The worst single mistake ever made in the history of our country: going into the Middle East, by President Bush," Trump said.

Warsaw feels like Paris in the good years, "before it became a Third World shithole"-- Katie Hopkins

As Poland did not adopt the left’s mantra of mass Islamic migration, there is no terrorism and the streets are relatively safe.

In one of her tweets Hopkins calls Poland one of the safest countries in Europe, thanks to its policy of zero illegal immigration.

As she walks through Warsaw, Poland’s capital, she calls it “one of the safest cities for women of the continent and it feels very much like Paris in the good years, before it became a Third World shithole.”

Armed migrant gang turns German club into war zone: Eighteen invaders attack staff with guns and batons

After the [invaders] were not allowed to enter the club "Mondo", they left but returned with a group of eighteen heavily armed men. Security footage from the disco shows the men rush towards the entrances. Two of the men had pistols and started shooting at people in the lobby of the club.

Immigration is not a human right: Hungary slams pro-migrant UN officials for spreading lies

A New Color of Censorship from the SPLC

Color of Change's "Bloodmoney" campaign is a blood libel. The effort falsely links conservative organizations targeted by the SPLC-including some run by African-Americans and Jews-to the Charleston church shooting and the violence in Charlottesville. The leftist group founded by CNN's Van Jones and funded by George Soros is out to censor conservative organizations by choking off their fundraising. Color of Change's blood libel accuses credit card companies and payment processors of taking "blood money" and financing "violence" and of complicity in "white supremacist murders" if they process donations for conservative organizations, including the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Antifa App Targets "Right-Wing" Media for Censorship

It's said that silencing a man doesn't prove him a liar-it only proves you're afraid of what he might say. Yet it also proves that the censor is more powerful than the speaker. The marketplace of ideas, if it ever existed, has long since died, as an all-encompassing mass media under concentrated ownership, corporate censorship, and a far-left education system allow a dominant narrative to hold sway over our society. For a short time, the internet provided a voice for political dissidents. However, that voice is being silenced in part by self-styled "anarchists" working in partnership with corporate journalists.

"Outrage" on Twitter as Bannon appears at Economist fest, voices support for Orban and Salvini

As Bannon addressed the audience, protesters gathered around The Economist’s New York office, holding banners that read: “No platform for white supremacy!” and “Shame The Economist.” Meanwhile, Bannon carried on with the interview, hailing prime-minister of Hungary Viktor Orban and Interior minister of Italy Matteo Salvini, the leader of the anti-immigration Lega Nord. Salvini rose to power on the back of anti-Muslim and Euroskeptic sentiments in Italy’s wealthy north, while Orban is famous for resisting Brussels’ “open-door” policy for refugees.

Reader comment:
  • Whites are a 20% minority globally. Obviously all the anti-white racists around the world are happy to see Europeans having their territory stolen from them. Don't try to debate with cvnts (sic) who are trying to steal your children's heritage. They're your enemy. You don't reason with filth, you fight them. And that's what we'll have to do one of these days. Get used to it. We're dealing with fascists who call themselves anti-fascists. Racists who call themselves anti-racists. Colonialists who call themselves anti-colonialists. Haven't you got it yet?

Federal Grand Jury Indicts NM Compound Suspects, Alleges They Planned Terror Attacks

September 11, 2018

A federal grand jury sitting in Albuquerque, N.M., has indicted Jany Leveille, 35, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 40, Hujrah Wahhaj, 37, Subhanah Wahhaj, 35, and Lucas Morton, 40, on firearms and conspiracy charges. The indictment, which was filed this afternoon, charges the five residents of a compound in Amalia, in Taos County, N.M., with conspiring knowingly to provide an alien illegally and unlawfully in the United States, possession of firearms and ammunition. The indictment also charges Leveille, a Haitian national illegally and unlawfully in the United States, with possession of firearms and ammunition.

The conspiracy charge alleges that the defendants conspired to provide Leveille, an alien unlawfully in the United States, with firearms and ammunition from at least Nov. 2017 through Aug. 2018. The indictment alleges that, as part of the conspiracy, the defendants transported firearms and ammunition from Georgia to New Mexico in Dec. 2017. The indictment further alleges that, between Dec. 2017 and Aug. 2018, the defendants established a training camp and firing range in Taos County, where they stored firearms and ammunition and engaged in firearms and tactical training as part of their common plan to prepare for violent attacks on government, military, educational, and financial institutions.


South Africa's agriculture plunges amid uncertainty over land seizure plans

Statistics show farm prices in South Africa have plunged by a third since December. The average price of agricultural land sold in July was 9,318 rand ($613) a hectare compared with 13,700 rand, according to economist and chairman of Agri Development Solutions, Johann Bornman.

Agriculture output shrank 29 percent in the second quarter from the previous three months, the most among all industries. The sector employs 843,000 people, almost double the number of jobs in mining.

"The root of pessimism" is lingering policy uncertainty and weak economic growth, said Wandile Sihlobo, the head of agribusiness research at the chamber.

Massive declines in the agricultural and other sectors that dragged the South African economy into recession after nearly a decade of growth come as a result of the ruling party's planned land reforms. The African National Congress seeks a constitutional amendment which it says is needed to correct racially skewed land

Anti-White Merkel calls concerned German citizens in Chemnitz "neo-Nazis"

Via her spokesman, German chancellor Angela Merkel has called the protesting citizens in Chemnitz neo-Nazis and xenophobes.

In a statement on Monday she urged her country's citizens to stand up against hate and division as propagated by the ‘far-right' during ‘xenophobic' protests in Chemnitz.

Concerned Germans started protesting after a German-Cuban man was allegedly stabbed to death by Kurdish Muslim migrants.

The incident was one of the many deadly stabbing murders committed by Muslim migrants in Germany and re-ignited the tensions surrounding migrant crimes in Germany.

Water levels continue to drop at Lake Mead, Lake Powell [President Trump, Build that Wall!]

PHOENIX — Water levels at Lake Mead and Lake Powell are dropping to dangerous levels, reflecting the Colorado River’s worsening “structural deficit,” scientists said.

Scientists from the Colorado River Research Group said Lake Powell has declined because of extra water releases flowing into Lake Mead, the Arizona Republic reported last week.

“I want people to know that what’s going on at Lake Mead is very, very closely tied to what’s going on Lake Powell,” Doug Kenney said, the group’s chair and a professor at the University of Colorado. “We’re draining Lake Powell to prop it up.”

Lake Powell is about 48 percent full, and Lake Mead is about 38 percent full. By the end of the year, Powell’s levels are projected to fall 94 feet (29 meters) below where the reservoir stood in 2000 when it was nearly full.

Texas Federal Judge Rules DACA Illegal, But Will Not End It.

A Texas federal judge ruled on Friday that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program for illegal aliens violates federal law, but declined the request of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other states to issue an injunction blocking the program immediately, and instead certified his order for immediate appeal, fast-tracking this case for quick resolution.

[Well, of course, the judge wants further delays in allowing the enforcement of our immigration laws so that Mexico can continue its revanchist policy of waging demographic warfare against the American people!]

IMF backs South Africa's (EFF's/ANC's) theft of land from White farmers as long as it is "rules based"

Are "rules-based" murders also fine as long as the killing is "transparent"?

Farage Savages Theresa May For Backing "Absolute Theft" Of White Farmers' Land In South Africa

Reader comment:

I've got a couple of friends who live in the UK and BOTH have told me that it's like living in Nazi Germany. They said they're now being watched 24/7. It's a scary time to be White ANYWHERE in the world except Russia and Iceland, for right now. The Bolsheviks executed 100 million White Christians from @ 1918 - 1991 when they were finally ousted from power in Russia. Here they come again. It's the same people with the same ideology using the same blueprint AND some new methods. The goal is the same. Erase the White man, erase Western philosophy, civilization & everything connected to it. They're rewriting history as we speak and everything we've built is being attributed to others while we're simply erased.

This is not a joke, this is not a game. These people are deadly serious about implementing their world government & getting rid of any extra "baggage" or any "problems." WE the White Christians (whether you're actually practicing or even identify as Christian is irrelevant) are a "problem" to them. They've got a deep seated hatred for us & they intend to eliminate us once & for all. I can't stress how dangerous and deadly these beasts are. We've got to face this and fight. There's no savior, there's us.

Hispanic Democrat "Lawmaker" Threatens ICE Officers With Prosecution "You Are Not Safe"

Ruben Gallego tweeted: “If you are a US government official and you are deporting Americans (sic) be warned. When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders. You do not have to take part in illegal (sic) acts ordered by this President’s administration.”

If you are a US government official and you are deporting Americans (sic) be warned. When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders. You do not have to take part in illegal  (sic) acts ordered by this President's administration.

— Ruben Gallego (@RubenGallego) August 30, 2018

Chris Crane, the president of the National ICE Council accused Gallego of inciting violence against ICE officers.

In a statement provided to FOX News, Crane said:

“It should be frightening to every American that a sitting member of Congress would threaten the safety of any person and their family, and incite the public to take acts of violence against them, let alone the lives of those whose job it is to protect us and keep us safe.”

[Based on this "lawmaker's" actions, along with those of Illinois "lawmaker" Luis Gutierrez's actions, a pattern emerges of Hispanic "lawmakers" in the United States acting as de facto agents for the Mexican government who further the revanchist agenda of Mexico to use demographic warfare to conquer and take over the United States through massive illegal immigration and a high birth rate among their colonizers]

Democrats have become the party that supports illegal alien CRIME across the U.S.A.

Natural News) Illegal immigration has been a hot-button issue for decades and is now reaching its boiling point — largely at the behest of corrupt and disingenuous Democrat politicians. The Left is on a phony human rights crusade, denigrating anyone who dares to stand up for the rights of American citizens as a “xenophobic racist,” or a “white supremacist.”  The irony of pretending to care about the needs and rights for “all people,” while our country’s own citizens are being murdered by criminal migrants would almost be funny, if it wasn’t so tragic. Democrats aren’t just the party that supports illegal immigration — they are the party that supports the total upending of the United States.

Left-wing Antifa group calls for mass armed takeover of America: "Revolutionary violence to take power"

(Natural News) The Los Angeles chapter of the left-wing domestic terrorist group Antifa is calling for a “sea of armed masses” to take to the streets with weapons, using “revolutionary violence against the enemies of the people” – meaning conservatives, Trump supporters, and pretty much anyone else who supports traditional American values and the rule of law.


New Mexico Judge Accused Jihadist Cult Prosecutors of Anti-Muslim Bias; We Now Know They Planned to Attack Atlanta Hospital

Mainstream Media Enraged by Trump's Concern over Plight of White South Africans

Somebody get word to Robert Mueller. We finally have evidence that Trump committed a crime — the thought crime of sympathizing with the white South Africans who built their country over the course of centuries and who are now getting dispossessed, driven out, and very often murdered:

I have asked Secretary of State @SecPompeo to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. “South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers.” @TuckerCarlson @FoxNews

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 23, 2018

The Western media is largely responsible for the nightmare that is unfolding in South Africa, having applied heavy pressure for that formerly advanced country to sacrifice itself on the altar of political correctness by abandoning Apartheid in the absence of a sane alternative. There is no remorse for having helped to murder a nation, thereby shrinking Western Civilization.

How Land Reform Works in South Africa

Anyone opposing the race-based “land reform” gathering steam in South Africa must be a racist, to judge by the shrill proclamations of mainstream media outlets. South African expat Ilana Mercer describes what land reform currently means:

The process currently in place typically begins with a “tribe” or group of individuals who band together to claim vast tracts of private property. …

No sooner does this newly constituted “tribe” (or band of bandits, really) launch a claim with the South African Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, than related squatters – sometimes in the thousands – move to colonize the land.

They defile its grounds and groundwater by using these as one vast toilet; and terrorize, sometimes kill, its occupants and their animals in the hope of “nudging” them off the land.

Backlash Against Venezuelan Refugees Grows Across South America

Sympathy gives way to resentment over the estimated 2.3 million Venezuelans who have fled their Hispanic failed state to neighboring countries since 2014

Remember How Brazil, Ecuador and Peru Condemned Arizona over Illegal Immigration in 2010?

Remember how Arizona Governor Jan Brewer got piled on by 17 Latin American nations in 2010, condemning her state for attempting to enforce federal immigration law based on the reality that Arizona was being overrun by illegals and the Obama administration was doing nothing? It was bad enough that the Obama administration sued her state to end the law, something it only did with partial success. But then Latin states such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador joined the fun, piously weighing in to sign on to a highly questionable Friend of the Court brief led by Mexico, condemning Arizona for trying to enforce U.S. immigration law.

Scroll forward to 2018. Now the shoe is on the other tootsie.

Because right now, those are the very nations pulling up the drawbridge to illegals as their own countries get inundated by vast human waves of Venezuelans flooding over their borders without papers.

Angel Families Demand Politicians Act After Illegal Alien Kills Mollie Tibbetts [Good luck with that!]

Angel families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime were outraged Tuesday after authorities revealed that an illegal alien was announced as the alleged murderer of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbets.

All three angel parents were heartbroken over yet another American killed at the hands of a foreign national illegally present in the U.S. They called out strongly for politicians to act swiftly and get behind President Donald Trump on securing the U.S. border. There was also a call to support ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and other law enforcement.[The politicians will always give illegal aliens a higher standing than American citizens. The only way to change that is to somehow bypass the anti-White, anti-American two party system, or else nothing will change.]

Mollie Tibbetts' Murder Proves No Corner of America Is Safe

The term "Montezuma's revenge" takes on a more menacing meaning in light of the horrific story of Mollie Tibbetts, which reaches us from Montezuma, Iowa:
The undocumented immigrant illegal alien is 24-year-old Cristhian Bahena Rivera of Mexico, who has been in the area as long as 7 years. Maybe he arrived as one the thousands of unaccompanied minors who pour over the border, forming history's youngest conquering army. Mollie Tibbetts was 20 when last seen alive. She went missing in neighboring Brooklyn, Iowa, population 1,400. Not even tiny towns in Iowa are safe from Third World savagery now. America is under invasion; no corner of it is safe. Meanwhile, the liberals who created this intolerable situation don't want us to talk about some girl in Iowa, who we are expected to regard as insignificant.

Oops! Mollie Tibbetts Twitter page says "I hate White people!"

It turns out that Christhian Rivera does too!

Vigilante politics

Remember when the political left stood up for free speech and equality for all in public life? Remember when the mainstream media called for the same? The tone and tenor of political discourse appears to be at a turning point. If you don't agree with the left, you face insults, harassment and even violence. Is a new civil war on?

Reader comments:

Identity Politics and the Post Modernists have a strangehold on the Bay Area. If anyone dares diverge even one millimeter from their rigid, uptight orthodoxy, they're branded a racist, nazi sexist, xenophobe, homophobe who hates the poor. And yes, you indeed face insults, harassment and even violence. Amazing how the birth of Free Speech is now the epicenter of its opposite.


(Reuters) - Mexican marines on Friday said they had discovered an underground drug lab in the mountains outside the capital of Sinaloa state where they destroyed 50 tons of methamphetamine.

Border Patrol drug sniffing dog finds methamphetamines in Mexican truck crossing into USA.

New York Times (funded by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim) endorses candidate for Attorney General who wants ICE agents criminalized and jailed

New York AG candidate Zephyr Teachout, a law professor at Fordham University in NY, promised to not only abolish ICE if elected, but to prosecute ICE agents for their criminality (sic) as well.  Zephyr Teachout told supporters in an online ad, "As Attorney General I will continue to speak out against ICE, I will prosecute ICE for their criminal acts."  Watch crazed Democrat Zephyr Teachout come unhinged as she expressed her hatred for ICE-at one point she appears speechless because she's so overwhelmed with hatred.

Land seizures begin in South Africa after owners refuse government low ball buyout offer

"Notice is hereby given that a terrain inspection will be held on the farms on April 5, 2018 at 10 a.m. in order to conduct an audit of the assets and a handover of the farm's keys to the state," reads the letter received by Akkerland Boerdery earlier this year.

The land owners immediately tried to get an injunction to prevent expropriation until a court had ruled on the issue. However, the Department of Rural Development and Land Affairs reportedly refused the application.

"What makes the Akkerland case unique is that they apparently were not given the opportunity to first dispute the claim in court, as the law requires," spokeswoman for the agricultural industry association AgriSA told the media.

South Africa farm seizure: Terrified white farmers plot escape as crackdown looms

The fact that white farmers are terrified of the ruling party in the New South Africa means that, by definition, the ruling ANC/EFF party is a de facto terrorist organization. The anti-white rhetoric emanating from the DNC, Antifa, and the mainstream media in the U.S.A. has encouraged the ANC/EFF to follow the same path that ZANU PF did in Zimbabwe and, ominously, serves to foreshadow a frightening future for whites in the rest of the former Free World if Third World invasion and colonization of the West is not reexamined and immediately halted . -- S. Byron Gassaway (webmaster) 

Coming our way unless the good guys win in November.

Here’s an example of open borders.
The Swedish people thought they were doing the 
right thing, helping others. What do you think as you watch the following video? 

The last half of this short video is graphic with the violence, but watch to the end. Then forward it, so this doesn’t happen to us!

The West's Defeat - By Its Own Hand

How Jihadist ideology is gaining power through the back door -- and with our (sic) blessing
By Anne Marie Waters
FrontPage Mag
August 10, 2018


Last week I read a shocking statistic. It is not a surprising statistic, but a shocking one nonetheless. Figures now reveal that a staggering 40% of people under age five in Germany come from a migrant background. That is to say, almost half of young children in Germany are not ethnically German.

Some would argue that this doesn't matter a great deal, people are people, and Germany will still be Germany. But even if we try to persuade ourselves that this is the case, deep down we all know it is not. Germany was German because of the German people. Now, in a couple of generations, it will be something else: the place formerly known as Germany. This will particularly be the case if, as I suspect is likely to be the case, many (if not most) of those under fives come from an Islamic background. That will change the face of Germany forever. ...

In my book, Beyond Terror - Islam's Slow Erosion of Western Democracy - I argue that it is immigration from Muslim societies that will defeat Western civilization. Terrorism will not. The West will not lose a military war against the Islamists, it only needs to lose the demographic war, and the culture war, and that has already been lost.

The UK, for example, has for decades seen massive immigration from the Muslim world, and this has changed the country beyond recognition. Female genital mutilation is now so widespread in the UK that specialist (taxpayer-funded) clinics have been established across the country to deal with the medical aftermath of this crime....

While we focus on terror, Islam is defeating us through the back door. Terror is not the problem, ‘extremism' is not the problem, Sharia is the problem and whether it is achieved via the bomb or the ballot box, Sharia will be the result. It is that result we must prevent, and we must act now to do so, or the Western world will disappear not with a bang but with a whimper, and with our own consent.

ICE executes federal search warrants in Nebraska, Minnesota and Nevada

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. - During a multi-state operation led by special agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), a series of criminal arrest warrants were executed Wednesday for 17 individuals connected to an alleged criminal conspiracy to exploit illegal alien laborers for profit, fraud, wire fraud and money laundering in Nebraska and Minnesota.


Laura Ingraham: "America as we know it doesn't exist anymore due to demographic changes"

"In some parts of the country it does seem like the America we know and love doesn't exist anymore," Ingraham continued. "Massive demographic changes have been foisted upon the American people. And they're changes that none of us ever voted for and most of us don't like. "Now much of this is related to both illegal and, in some cases, legal immigration that of course progressives love," she added.  Ingraham went on to argue that Democrats oppose enforcing immigration laws, which is harming the country. She called for improved border security, the end of sanctuary city policies and the closure of immigration loopholes.

Stockholm terrorist who ran down people with truck is beaten in his prison cell

Islamic terrorist Rakhmat Akilov has been beaten by another prisoner in his prison cell. The Stockholm attacker received a series of blows from a fellow prisoner in his cell, SVT Örebro reveals.

Illegal immigrant Rakhmat Akilov hijacked a truck on 7 April last year and ploughed it into pedestrians in a busy shopping district in the centre of Stockholm. Five people were killed and 14 others were seriously injured.

As a result Akilov was locked up and sentenced to life imprisonment in a bunker that is part of the maximum security prison of Kumla.

According to SVT, a former 24-year-old gang criminal was able to enter the terrorist's prison cell and he closed the door.


REPORT: Facebook wants banks to hand over user's financial records


Amid heavy public scrutiny over their handling of private information and data mining scandals, Facebook is reportedly doubling down with their latest information request: your bank records.

According to a new report in the Wall Street Journal, the social media giant has asked several U.S. banks “to share detailed financial information about their customers, including card transactions and checking account balances, as part of an effort to offer new services to users.”

JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and U.S. Bancorp were all reportedly contacted over the last year as Facebook tried to gain access to their users’ private financial histories. One bank allegedly pulled out of the talks over continued privacy concerns surrounding Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

The Journal says Facebook claims the customer records could be used to create a banking service through Facebook Messenger and would not be sold to third parties. “We don’t use purchase data from banks or credit card companies for ads,” company spokeswoman Elisabeth Diana said. “We also don’t have special relationships, partnerships, or contracts with banks or credit-card companies to use their customers’ purchase data for ads.”

Despite the social media platform’s assurances, their reputation for security has been ravaged in recent months. Facebook is at the center of several investigations over its ties to political analytics firm Cambridge Analytica, which harvested the data of 87 million Facebook users without their consent.

Facebook pushed back against the Aug. 6 report, issuing a statement that states the company does not want “financial transaction data,” just access to account balances or places where someone used a credit card.

“Account linking enables people to receive real-time updates in Facebook Messenger where people can keep track of their transaction data like account balances, receipts, and shipping updates,” according to the statement, obtained by Inc.

Elite Closing Down Truth Tellers -- Paul Craig Roberts

Economic expert and journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the ideas of the elite are awful, and they want to suppress free speech to get their policies instituted. Dr. Roberts explains, “The agendas of the elite are hidden. They are not something the American people would support. The elite are fearful that their cover stories are so thin that if truth can be shown on their agendas, they will be discredited. They will lose their abilities to impose their agendas. So, they are closing down truth tellers in order to maintain control over explanations. Alex Jones is a threat to the elites’ control over the explanations. . . . They are sending the message that says get onboard with the official explanations or we terminate you.”


Invasion by Illegal Immigrants Remains Out of Control

A wall — or far better, minefields and machine guns — would help. But many of the invaders arrive legally, then stay illegally:

More than 600,000 foreign travelers who legally entered the United States in 2017 overstayed their visas and remained in the country by the end of the year, according to Department of Homeland Security data released Tuesday.

That’s the second year in a row that over 600,000 “visitors” blew off the expiration date on their visa. To get an idea of the scale of the invasion, the population of Baltimore is 601,188. We are adding a Baltimore every year just on the ones who overstay their visas.

People who violate the law by being here do not represent the cream of the Third World’s crop. For example,

A DHS official noted that [an] illegal alien, Ramon Pedro, arrived with a young girl he claimed was his daughter at the Ysleta Port of Entry in Texas in mid-April.

After Pedro and his claimed daughter [were] hospitalized for tuberculosis testing in July, U.S. authorities discovered she was not only not related to him in any way but was being systematically sexually abused by him.

Thanks to the bleeding-heart propaganda campaign by our media, someone else’s child is as good as a visa. Kids are cheap to obtain in the sort of countries ours is being turned into. Also, tuberculosis is common.

Extreme Left mobs riot in three major US cities and NOT ONE mainstream media outlet reports on it

Far left violent Antifa mobs rioted in three Major US cities this past weekend.Antifa mobs attacked police and conservatives in Portland, Providence and Berkeley.Antifa cracked skulls and beat protesters and attacked grandmothers in Portland, Oregon on Saturday.


The Left covers up for racist, hate-filled, anti-white NYT staffer Sarah Jeong in latest attempt at revisionist history

(Natural News) If you still believe that Democrats and their Left-wing sycophantic supporters are the true warriors against hate, racism, and bigotry, this story ought to disabuse you of that mischaracterization for good.  In recent weeks, The New York Times hired as an opinion page writer Sarah Jeong, a far-Left hater and bigot whose Twitter page is littered with anti-white racist filth.  In one post from November 2014, she wrote, simply, #CancelWhitePeople, according to The Gateway Pundit.  In another, she added more words and lots of vulgarity: "Dumb**s f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants."  "Oh man it's kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men," she wrote in another.

The internet DARK AGES descends upon us: Facebook, Google, Spotify, Twitter all conspire to outlaw conservative speech with no due process

(Natural News) Today, 8/6/2018, tech giants Google / YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Facebook all simultaneously blacklisted Alex Jones and InfoWars. This coordinated, illegal censorship is clear proof of an organized criminal racket being conducted by the tech giants. The RICO Act allows for federal prosecution of such criminal conspiracy.

The internet Dark Ages has now descended upon us, where radical left-wing tech giants run by deranged, mentally ill communists will decide whether your content qualifies as “hate speech.” What is hate speech? It’s anything uttered by a conservative.

Tommy Robinson and Britain's Descent Into Madness

Britain's darkest hour has followed its finest hour by 78 years.

Tommy Robinson has been freed from a stint in prison that he never should have been serving in the first place. The New York Times reported: "On Wednesday, the Court of Appeal ordered his release, pending a new hearing in his case. The court questioned the speed with which he had been tried and convicted, noting that it took five hours from the time of his arrest to a conviction."

Indeed. Tommy Robinson was arrested, tried, and sentenced with a Stalinist rapidity, for the crime of calling attention not only to the Muslim rape gang crisis in the UK, but to the abject failure of British officialdom to deal adequately with that crisis, for fear of being charged with "racism" and "Islamophobia."

Thus it was only just to free Tommy Robinson, and lessens the impression that Britain is becoming a police state in which it is illegal to criticize Islam and mass Muslim migration in Britain today. Britain is still on that road, but apparently in this case the May government was feeling too much pressure to keep Tommy in prison.

Paris has 300,000 illegal immigrants crammed into just one tiny suburb

"Germany, Sweden, France, England blissfully surrendered to political correctness and socialism without a shot fired or a growl uttered.  If Hungary and Poland could figure this ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ploy out and shut it down so could the other European Countries.  From this side of the pond it looks like the governments of Western Europe encouraged this invasion.  So the greatest enemy that the people of western Europe have is their own governments. "

Steve Bannon Sets Up For EU Showdown With George Soros

Bannon's ambition is for his organization ultimately to rival the impact of Soros's Open Society, which has given away $32 billion to largely liberal causes since it was established in 1984.

Over the past year, Bannon has held talks with right-wing groups across the continent from Nigel Farage and members of Marine Le Pen's Front National (recently renamed Rassemblement National) in the West, to Hungary's Viktor Orban and the Polish populists in the East. -Daily Beast

In other words, everyone who doesn't like largely unchecked human trafficking of migrants into Europe via Soros-funded NGOs which operate throughout the Mediterranean.

"Deep State meddles in US elections"-- Kim Dotcom slams "Zuckerspy and Jack the Ripper"

The MegaUpload founder went on to accuse Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey of doing "100 times more harm to democracy than all foreign meddlers combined," and anointed the pair with catchy nicknames, "Zuckerspy and Jack the Ripper."

Dotcom's harsh words for the social media giants come in the midst of reports that Twitter is using shadowbanning to help Democratic candidates over Republicans.

Shadowbanning is a technique employed by Twitter to prevent a user from reaching its full audience. In many cases, an account's content will be unable to be retweeted, and the reach of tweets are severely limited. The company recently responded to the accusations, claiming they don't shadowban, despite the fact that a January undercover report from Project Veritas showed a Twitter employee saying the opposite.

We caught a Twitter software engineer RED HANDED when he admitted that Twitter #ShadowBans to our undercover journalist. Twitter will never admit it: "it's a lot of bad press if, like, people figure out that you're like shadow banning them. It's like, unethical in some way."
- James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) July 26, 2018

Barack Hussein Obama Still Spewing Hypocritical Demagoguery

The jarring hypocrisy continues. During a recent speech in South Africa, which is on the verge of succumbing to race-based communism, the Moonbat Messiah shouted,

"There's only so much you can eat. There's only so big a house you can have. There's only so many nice trips you can take. I mean, it's enough."

Possibly brandishing a copy of the Communist Manifesto, he yapped further:

"History shows that societies which tolerate vast differences in wealth feed resentments and reduce solidarity and actually grow more slowly. And when economic power is concentrated in the hands of the few, history also shows that political power is sure to follow and that dynamic eats away at democracy."

What history shows is that when you throw lit matches at powder kegs, the results are not always constructive.

South Africa is changing its constitution to allow confiscating the property of whites without compensation. Obama's irresponsible rhetoric will help spur the country toward the total economic collapse that occurred when similar policies were pursued in Zimbabwe.  Good thing for Obama that he will not have to live with the fallout. He can always hop on a jet and fly home, back to "his $8.1 million eight-bedroom, nine-and-a-half bathroom mansion in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the world."

Barack Obama to African audience: I visited Kenya as first American President to come from Kenya

Libya, migrants & karma: Europe's new migration policy wrecks on North African reality

As tensions over the migration policy inside the EU continue to escalate, the bloc has been attempting to stay afloat by literally shipping the problem abroad. However, its plan to establish migrant processing centers in the North African countries has run into a brick wall, which Europeans built themselves with their invasion of Libya back in 2011.


Is the Gun Confiscation and Coming Genocide of White South Africans a Beta Test for America?

South Africa is walking down an old familiar path. The South African version of our Supreme Court just issued a ruling that calls for  300,000 gun owners to turn in their firearms.

 The loophole which allows the South African government to confiscate 300,000 guns comes from the controversial Section 24 and Section 28 of the Firearm’s Control Act.

“Section 24 of the Act requires that any person who seeks to renew a licence must do so 90 days before its expiry date Section 28 stipulates that if a firearm licence has been cancelled‚ the firearm must be disposed of or forfeited to the state. A 60-day time frame was placed on its disposal, which was to be done through a dealer.”

Subsequently, if gun owners did not renew their firearms licenses in a timely fashion, as prescribed by law, they must forfeit their firearms to the nearest civilian authority, namely, their nearest police station.

The law impacts primarily white people as they constitute the majority of owners of registered gun owners in the country. This is highly reminiscent of what Hitler did to the Jews, in which he first disarmed them and then slaughtered them.

Democratic Representatives Mad Maxine Waters and Steve Cohen Want a Military Coup Against Trump

Democratic Representatives Maxine Waters and Steve Cohen have illegally called for a military coup against Trump. Both should be in jail for these statements. Why aren’t they?

Domestic enemy DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison: National Borders "Create An Injustice"

The open borders advocate has previously endorsed the violent militant leftists known as Antifa, claiming that the Anti-Fascist Handbook could “strike fear” into the heart of President Donald Trump.

At @MoonPalaceBooks and I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump

— Keith Ellison (@keithellison) January 3, 2018

The book Ellison happily took a selfie posing with, Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook by Mark Bray, seeks to defend and normalize the actions of Antifa — a loose-knit group that has been classified as domestic terrorists by the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security.

"Threat to the world": Hungary to pull out of extreme UN migration pact

Hungary has said it will withdraw from a new UN migration pact before its final approval and called the agreement a “threat to the world.”

The Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration was approved by every UN member nation except the United States, which withdrew from the agreement last year.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the pact goes “entirely against Hungary’s security interests” and that it posed a threat to the world because it “could inspire millions” of migrants. He said the agreement was “extreme, biased and facilitates migration.”

Peaceful multicultural societies don't exist, Dutch FM says in explosive leaked speech

“I have asked my ministry this and I will pose the question here as well,” Blok can be heard saying in the video. “Give me an example of a multi-ethnic or a multi-cultural society, in which the original population still lives, and where there is a peaceful cohabitation. I don’t know one.”

The minister went further and said it might be all fun and games to go to a “Turkish bakery on Sunday” if you live in a well-off part of a city, but a “number of side effects” promptly become tangible if one lives in a migrant-packed neighborhood.

“You very quickly reach the limits of what a society can take,” Blok stated.

Siege of Vienna: Why Poland Won't Submit to Muslim Colonization

Poland has incurred the wrath of eurocrats and the media by refusing to get on board with massive Islamic immigration (see e.g. here and here). It isn’t just the Polish government; last year, thousands of Poles formed a human chain at the border, praying against Islamization. Poles know their history; they remember the last time they had to save Europe from Islam. Like Raymond Ibrahim, they recall the 1683 Battle of Vienna:

Some 200,000 Muslim combatants … invaded under the same rationale that so-called “radical” groups, such as the Islamic State, cite to justify their jihad on “infidels.” Or, to quote the leader of the Muslim expedition, Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa, because Vienna was perceived as the head of the infidel snake, it needed to be laid low so that “all the Christians would obey the Ottomans.”

This was no idle boast; sources describe Mustafa as “fanatically anti-Christian.” After capturing a Polish town in 1674, he ordered all the Christian prisoners to be skinned alive and their stuffed hides sent as trophies to Ottoman Sultan Muhammad IV.

The stated objective of the Siege of Vienna was “the extirpation of infidels, and the increase of Muslemen.” This has been the goal from the beginning.

During his party’s national congress, Alternative for Germany (AfD) chairman Jörg Meuthen opted for the creation of a Fortress Europe as multiculturalism failed as an ideology.

“Multiculturalism is the great ideological fallacy of the early 21st century, and with a closer look, the realisation comes what time has proven this alien ideology and utopia to be,” Meuthen said in Augsburg.

AfD chairman said the asylum policy of Merkel, Macron and Juncker drive “the creeping suicide of Europe”. He named potential allies to force stronger border protection and create a fortress Europe.

Meuthen named, among others, Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini from the euro-sceptic Lega party, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache.

Gratitude: African Migrants Rescued Off the Coast of Libya Threaten to Behead Rescuers

The lesson here: never respond to the "distress" calls of hostile invaders. Even if they genuinely are in distress they're still enemies of Western civilization, so let the sea claim them.


Build a wall across Africa and Europe to keep out six million waiting migrants (invaders) says Independent Member of European Parliament [MEP]

Proposing some of the most radical policies put forward by a British politician, Janice says the BBC and mainstream Left-wing media throughout the UK and Europe is encouraged by "NGO people-smugglers" to peddle the "dangerous and disingenuous' myth that migration numbers are falling.The EU must build ‘a thousand of miles of walls' across Northern Africa and on Europe's frontiers to halt the tide of more than six million migrants who are queuing up in Africa waiting to get into Europe, says populist independent MEP Janice Atkinson.

Mourtala Madou: Beheading the 1-Year-Olds German's Won't Behead

Due to information suppression, it sometimes takes months to learn the details of even the most horrific events. An illegal alien from sub-Saharan Africa who repeatedly impregnates a native German would be a heartwarming tale of multicultural harmony that the authorities would love to promote, except for the way the story of Mourtala Madou turned out:

Mourtala Madou, a 33-year-old illegal immigrant from Niger, stabbed his German ex-girlfriend, identified as Sandra P., and their one-year-old daughter, Miriam, at a Hamburg subway station. The child died at the scene; her mother died later, at the hospital. The woman’s three-year-old son witnessed the murders.

Madou was mad because a court would not give him joint custody of the baby he murdered.

Vague media reports did not include relevant details, including Madou’s attempt to decapitate the murdered baby. When local blogger Heinrich Kordewiner discovered video that revealed this and uploaded it to YouTube, he incurred the wrath of the authorities:

A few days later, a team of state prosecutors and officers of the cybercrime unit of the Hamburg police arrived at Kordewiner’s apartment with a search warrant, and confiscated his computer, mobile phone and other electronics, allegedly to find “evidence” of the “crime”.

The crime: uploading the video, presumably because it does not cast mass Third World immigration in a favorable light. An obscure law making it illegal to photograph helpless persons was used as a pretext.


German MP's to Bring Criminal Charges Against Migrant "Rescue" NGO's - Report

German MPs are planning to bring criminal human trafficking charges against NGOs ‘rescuing' migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, according to a new report.

Breitbart London has laid eyes on a statement endorsed by 42 members of anti-migration party Alternative For Germany (AfD), indicating that the group will formally file the charges this weekend in conjunction with a party conference in Augsburg.

"The Bundestag members plan to bring charges of ‘aid or assisting in illegal immigration repeatedly or on behalf of several foreigners' against the NGOs SOS Mediterranée, Sea-Watch, Sea-Eye, and Mission Lifeline," reports Chris Tomlinson.

Maxine Waters & Socialist Factions In DC Fire First Salvo In Second American Revolution

The Left has declared full-blown war against the USA and are now pushing for physical assaults on those who support their president and the values of America as a nation. With that, we can expect, not only civil unrest, but murders and assassinations by those who are mentally unstable and see this as their green light to finally change things themselves.

The Final Push To Invoke Violence Ramping Up For November

Red Alert: Prepare To Defend Yourselves – ‘Mad Max’ Mob Mentality Goes Critical As Celebs, Dem Politicians, And Liberal Media Actively Incite Violence Against Conservatives

Even low-level officials bullied…
Media’s Anti-Trump Rhetoric Increasingly Violent…
Homeland Security employees warned of threats…

"This Is Just the Beginning" Liberal Website Warns Republicans of 70s Style Bombings

On Monday published a report threatening bombings because of President Trump’s policies. 

The left is actually warning the country of bombings.

The left has gone from harassing and abusing Republicans at restaurants to bomb threats in less than one week!

Across Europe and America, the media establishment desperately wants Western civilization to be overrun and destroyed

The insane Left-wing media is pushing for open borders — so they can finally herald in the transformation of American culture and change the face of the country forever (because they hate it as it is now — armed, free, independent, prosperous, and liberty-minded). 

“16 Reasons Why Opening Our Borders Makes More Sense Than Militarizing Them,” blared a September 2014 headline from HuffPost.

These European Countries Are Refusing to Accept the Unchecked Influx of Migrants

Millions of refugees and asylum seekers, primarily from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Somalia are flowing into Europe, largely unchecked. This is because of a welcoming "open door" policy promoted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel back in 2015. Despite the backlash from Europeans, Merkel says she has "no regrets."

But some overwhelmed countries have decided that enough is enough. They cite the refugees' refusal to assimilate, increasing crime statistics (particularly against women), and no-go zones in which the migrants have banded together and created areas in which Europeans are not welcome.

The European Union is so displeased about this that they've taken 3 of their member countries to court for refusing to "share the burden of hosting migrants."


"Its an invasion!": UKIP leader blasts Brussels migration policy in the European Parliament

Europe's 'axis of the willing' to combat illegal migrants: Hardline interior ministers of Germany, Austria and Italy form alliance to protect borders - in defiance of Merkel

The hardline interior ministers of Austria, Germany and Italy have formed an 'axis of the willing' to combat illegal immigration, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said Wednesday, escalating a Europe-wide row over the issue.

The announcement by Kurz in Berlin after talks with German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer marks a shot across the bow at Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is trying to pull together a deal for EU cooperation on placing asylum seekers.


Hungary Praises Italy For Rejecting Migrant Ship

Hungary’s foreign minister phoned Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to congratulate him for rejecting a ship operated by open borders activists and laden with migrants, despite immense international pressure.

FM Péter Szijjártó, a hardline immigration hawk, praised the newly-formed Italian government for its renewed dedication to defending Europe’s borders after years of neglecting to do so.


Fighting political Islam: Austria to shut down 7 mosques, may expel up to 60 imams

“Parallel societies, political Islam and radicalization tendencies have no place in our country,” Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said at a Friday joint press conference with his vice chancellor, and interior and EU ministers. The government proceeded with the closures of seven mosques throughout the country, three of which are located in Vienna.

Some of mosques are suspected by authorities to have been influenced by a Turkish right-wing organization called the ‘Grey Wolves.’ Austrian authorities highlighted that, along with the closures of the mosques, they had also been closely investigating the dubious financial flows “under the disguise of religion.”

For those who do not learn from history . . . .

In 410 A.D. the walls of Rome were breached and the city plundered by a barbarian army under the leadership of Alaric the Goth. … The fall of Rome shocked the world at the time, but what is not generally known nowadays is that the Gothic army that carried out the atrocity had entered the Empire thirty years earlier as refugees.

Even in defeat, Goths were rewarded by Rome’s degenerate leadership, whereas patriots who defended Rome against them were punished.

The parallels to the currently unfolding situation are eerie, leading the author Emmet Scott to ask,

What kind of society brings in barbarians who cannot be assimilated in order to replace the children it refused to have; which excuses and rewards the horrific crimes of those barbarians; and which punishes patriots who try to stop the depredations of the said barbarians?

The answer, of course, is a dying society.

Angela Merkel is accused of 'importing Islamists, rapists, murderers and terrorists' and faces calls to resign as she is questioned by new nationalist opposition in German parliament

Curio, an AfD member from Berlin, urged Mrs Merkel to resign, adding: 'Your abdication of any control of a flood of a million illegal immigrants has caused Germany the most serious harm, future costs of hundreds of billions, asylum and social benefits fraud, the import of dangerous Islamists, endless human suffering through rapists and murders, knife-wielders and terrorists.

'All this you have to answer for, a terrible price for your friendly face,' the 52-year-old added.

The EU prevents nation states from solving "migrant crisis" by threatening countries that close off their borders

George Orwell was prescient when he wrote 1984.  Not so Great Britain arrests journalist and orders press to remain silent about his arrest.  One can easily see that this will set the precedent for how free speech will be suffocated, to wit, charge someone with a crime for offending a protected group, give them a suspended sentence on the condition that they never speak out again, and when they do, throw them in prison.  Voila!  Only PC speech approved by the "elite" can be voiced on social media or even in personal emails.  

Tommy Robinson interview: "The elite are clearly in the process of Islamizing the West"

Robinson: As George Orwell says in his book 1984, if there’s any hope it will come from the working class. Many people think the problem is that politicians and journalists are ignorant about the doctrines and history of Islam. We needed to prove that it was not possible for people to be ignorant who have hundreds of staff and the best education that money can buy. We could see that all the evidence showed that for more than 150 years the educated elite have known what Islam is. We could also see that their only response to jihadi terrorism was to give our countries more Islam.

Support Tommy Robinson (

Germany will now train asylum seekers to become truck drivers

But not everyone is happy. "We clearly say no," says the president of the Federal Association of professional motor vehicle associations, Wolfgang Westermann. "You can not put everyone on a forty-ton and let them go with it," he says. It's unclear how the German public thinks about the initiative. On 19 December 2016 asylum seeker Anis Amri drove a truck deliberately into a Christmas market in Berlin leaving 12 people dead and 56 injured.

Ebba Ackerland was run over by truck driven by Muslim terrorist in Sweden. Her grave vandalized.

'I hope it inspires the Americans': Hungarian mayor boasts that new 10ft razor-wire electric border fence has protected his country from mass immigration

According to NBC, Toroczkai was a key advocate of building the fence at the height of the 2015 crisis. It was eventually given the green light and authorities in the country insist it has closed down a major migrant route through Europe.

He said: 'This was not normal migration - this was like an attack. People moved here for a calm life and they destroyed this calmness.'

Make no mistake: What's happening in the Big Apple is a microcosm of what's happening in the nation's blue states, cities and towns. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago - the places were power and capital have traditionally congregated - have become so over-regulated, so overpriced and mismanaged, and so morally bankrupt and soft on crime that people are leaving in droves. Of course, these high-tax cities are the same places hit hardest by the removal of the SALT deduction.

Visualizing the intercontinental "refugee" flow - an amazing interactive graphic

'Infiltrators' from Africa are greater threat than terrorists - Netanyahu

African migrants pose a greater threat to Israel than terrorism, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli leader made the remarks as he complimented the country’s border ‘wall’ with Egypt. Speaking at the Negev Conference in the Israeli city of Dimona, Netanyahu said the fence along the Israel-Egypt border is all that stands between Israel’s Jewishness and it turning into a country overrun by “infiltrators”. Without the fence, the country would be at its “wits’ end” with “attacks by terrorist groups in the Sinai, and the worst thing – a flood of illegal infiltrators from Africa,” Netanyahu said, as cited by the Times of Israel.

Review: Travels in Cultural Nihilism: Some Essays

Hungary's Orban says Western Europe is under "migrant" invasion

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said Western Europe is under a migrant invasion which will soon make a minority of native Europeans. Orban was speaking Thursday at a massive rally three weeks ahead of Hungary's parliamentary election. He said Western Europe has surrendered with "its hands up" to the mass migration of people from Africa and the Middle East. He added that "the youth of Western Europe will still live to see when they become a minority in their own country and lose the only place in the world to call home."

“You fight for your country and they call you racist. But the days when those kind of insults work is over. The establishment media are the dogs of the system. Every day, we become stronger and they become weaker. Let them call you racists, xenophobes or whatever else, wear these like a medal.”

The Fall of California

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 5, 2018
The "Golden State" goes brown.

California isn't just a place, but a dream. In the American mythos, California represented the end of the journey, the land where the dispossessed and forgotten could start again, where "Okies" who fled the Depression searched for relief and veterans of the Second World War discovered a middle-class paradise. And what's most incredible is that, for a time, that's what it was.

Today, white Californians are fleeing, and the Golden State is becoming demographically, culturally, and economically a Third World country. The California dream can only be spoken of in the past tense. And the fall of California is a grim prophecy of how paradise can be lost, and how those who have everything can be short-sighted enough to give it all away.

A Tidal Wave of "Refugees" Is Coming

According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, 68 million people around the world are or at risk of becoming "refugees". The migration of a few million people has already turned the European Union inside out and motivated the election of an America-first presidency. What we have seen so far, though, is nothing compared to what is to come.

Fertility is declining in almost all the educated and prosperous parts of the world, notably including East Asia. But it remains extremely high in the least-educated parts of the world with the worst governance and the poorest growth prospects.

The Illusion of Inevitability

In the history of politically disastrous pronouncements, perhaps nothing exceeds Texas politician Clayton Williams's ill-considered joke that if a woman is going to be raped, she might as well "just relax and enjoy it." Yet something akin to this passes for political philosophy for the leadership of the European Union. How else can we explain the declaration by Dimitris Avramopoulos, European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs, and Citizenship, that there is nothing the European Union can do to stop mass migration?
The only people who profit will be the class that created the problems in the first place. And Mr. Avramopoulos is a member of that class. He is a kind of parody of European leadership. He boasts an array of awards and decorations from various governments and is a "knight," a "grand commander," or a holder of a "grand cross" in the various orders of chivalry with which emasculated national governments amuse themselves. Yet he has won no victories in defense of his homeland and indeed has done far more to destroy it than any Greek since Ephialtes. Imagining this ludicrous creature festooned with his cheap ribbons lecturing Europeans about how mass migration will be good for them is reminiscent of Brezhnev dressed in his "Hero of the Soviet Union" and "Order of Lenin" medals telling everyone that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan will be a great success.

Mr. Avramopoulos is not managing an unavoidable process. He is promoting an invasion, and working to thwart those who are trying to stop it. There's nothing natural about what is happening; it is promoted by the likes of Mr. Avramopoulos. Civilization will be saved only by those who defy what traitors tell them is their inevitable fate, and instead meet the crisis with a spirit their ancestors would recognize.

Too many happy white people? Hungarian city outraged at exclusion from EU culture contest

Christianity is Europe's last hope ~ Hungary's Orban attacks EU's (porous) borders

Addressing cheering supporters, he depicted Hungary as a saviour of Europe's Christian nations.

And as people continue to flee war and poverty in the Middle East and Africa, he insisted "Christianity is Europe's last hope" before adding immigration, especially from Africa, could mean "our worst nightmares can come true".

He said: "The West falls as it fails to see Europe being overrun."

EU Threatens Force Against Countries Refusing Economic Migrants from Africa and people fleeing Middle Eastern countries that NATO and so-called moderate rebels have bombed into the Stone Age

European globalists are preparing to force Central European nations to accept mandated migrant quotas and open borders, according to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban. Following a meeting with fellow Fidesz party officials, PM Orban posted a short video on Facebook summarizing the threat leveled by Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel at Hungary and allied governments, vowing to stand firm in defense of European civilization and Christian identity. "The presidency of Fidesz has discussed yesterday the announcement of the Belgian prime minister, that they will - if necessary with force - obligate Central European countries, including Hungary, to accept migrants," Orban said. "According to their plan, this will happen in June at the summit of the prime ministers in Brussels." "Our presidency has taken a stand: we cannot give in to extortion. We will fight those who want to change the Christian identity of Hungary and Europe."

Over 2,000 Germans March Against Mass Migration in City Experiencing Wave of Migrant Crime

The protests come after a series of high-profile violent clashes in the city between locals and migrants. In one case, a Syrian migrant became the first person to be banned from the city after he pulled out a knife on a young local couple.

Shortly after announcing the ban, the city government released a statement indicating that the city would not be taking in any new asylum seekers. Cottbus joined a number of other German towns like Delmenhorst, Wilhelmshaven, and Salzgitter in Lower Saxony which all banned new arrivals last year.

The city is not the only city in Germany dealing with an explosion of crime in which migrants are often suspects. In the German capital of Berlin, the Alexanderplatz area has been turned into what some are calling a no-go zone due to the influx of asylum seeker drug dealers and petty thieves.

Immigrants vs. Aliens: The Global Invasion-Giveaway Continues

For the past 100 years, the United States has pursued a laissez-faire policy toward illegal aliens. Much of this was because American businesses and industries such as farming and mining, for example, wanted illegal aliens to come here. They wanted to pay them under the table, avoiding the taxes and withholding, and circumventing the minimum wage. The public was also complicit: turning a blind eye, provided that it didn’t directly affect them.

But it did…and year after year, tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossed our borders and started their new lives in America…at the expense of American citizens. Now it has changed into something completely different:

Now it is a part of the socialist playbook based on Cloward and Piven, and Alinsky’s actions and doctrines to destroy the United States from within; it has become a global movement toward the goal of global governance.

This is not immigration, either in the U.S. or worldwide. It is the planned, systematic destruction of national identities and sovereignties. This is being accomplished in several manners:

  1. The religious differences are so pronounced between these aliens who are Muslims and the citizens of the traditionally-Christian nations of Europe that underlying tensions are one step away from warfare between citizens and aliens.
  2. Laws in these countries are being “restructured” to facilitate the insertion of these aliens against the host-citizens’ wills.
  3. The efforts (globally) are coordinated and funded by a consortium of oligarchs and politicians who are utilizing the chaos, confusion, and instability to destroy the nations and push them toward global governance.
  4. Armies of NGO’s (Nongovernmental Organizations) under the guises of “humanitarian efforts” or “political dialogue” are in reality “embassies” and front-man representatives to carry out the planned dissolution of national borders and recruit citizenry in the form of “5th columnists” to destroy these nations from within.

The world of George Orwell’s “1984” solidifies more by the day: increased surveillance, decreasing freedoms, and tensions throughout the world to keep whole populations unbalanced while fueling the war machine with money…taxed monies…of the global Military Industrial complex.

Army in Swedish ghettos? How Europe tries to adapt to migration instead of stopping it

Sweden's center-left prime minister Stefan Lofven has said he may deploy military units to cut crime in immigrant-dominated ghettos - but are such grotesque adaptations to the decades-long influx actually addressing the problem? Lofven's words last week were a response to statistics showing that more than 300 shootings occurred in 2017, the vast majority of them in the three biggest cities. Three decades ago gun crime was front page-worthy in a country with restrictive firearms ownership laws. Now, with nearly-daily media headlines about "turf wars," "revenge killings" and "grenade crime," attention has turned to the disadvantaged areas where they occur. A report last year indicated that more than 90 percent of shooting suspects were from an immigrant background.

California set to allow illegal aliens to vote

Illegal Aliens Are Covertly Being Redistributed Across United States on Private Flights

Judicial Watch reported:

Immigrants entering the United States illegally through the southern border are quietly being relocated to different parts of the country on commercial flights, high-ranking Homeland Security officials told Judicial Watch this week. In the last few days alone, groups of illegal aliens boarded planes at airports in Texas and Arizona accompanied by a taxpayer-funded government escort in civilian clothes to avoid drawing attention. The first flight originated at Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas and was bound for Minneapolis. The second left from Tucson International Airport and arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah, federal sources said. In both locations the illegal aliens appeared to be in their late teens and were escorted by a Health and Human Services (HHS) chaperone. Judicial Watch reached out to HHS for comment but did not hear back from the agency.

> The illegal aliens wear red HHS wrist bands and receive "the gold glove treatment," according to a veteran federal official, who added that the undocumented immigrants get priority boarding ahead of all other passengers, including law enforcement personnel. "It is shameful and dangerous," said a seasoned Homeland Security agent with direct knowledge of the secret operations. Labor personnel from front-line Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies have complained about the cost and security risk of flying illegal alien minors to any destination of their choosing within the U.S., according to a longtime Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official present at the meetings. One of the closed-door meetings, late last year, included President Donald Trump and his chief of staff, John Kelly.

<> It appears that the Trump administration has chosen to ignore the concerns of rank-and-file federal agents, instead opting to quietly extend the controversial Obama-era policy that relocates illegal immigrants to unsuspecting communities nationwide. It is known as "Catch and Release" and frustrated DHS sources tell Judicial Watch the Trump administration is essentially facilitating the ongoing commission of a federal immigration crime despite its tough border security rhetoric.

73% foreign born: DHS terrorism report criticized by un-American ACLU for not focusing instead on domestic US attackers

The majority of people convicted of international terrorism-related offences in the US since the September 11 attacks have been "foreign-born", according to a new report by the Department of Homeland Security.  The report, part of an executive order that sought to tighten entry criteria into the US, states that 73 percent of 549 people found guilty of international terrorism offences in federal courts were from overseas.  Released by the US Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday, the report's statistics span more than 15 years, between September 11, 2001, and December 31, 2016.

Time to Repeal the Disastrous 1965 Immigration Act

By the way, Kennedy punctuated his prevaricative defense by saying that the charges against the immigration bill "breed hate of our heritage." Of course, the balkanization the immigration bill bred is part of the reason our heritage is now so hated.

Speaking of hatred, much is currently directed at President Trump because on Thursday he questioned why we have so much immigration from impoverished nations such as Haiti, as opposed to more newcomers from Norway. Since this raised many leftists' ire and with my being the reasonable man I am, I propose a compromise: no immigrants from the Third World or the Old World. In other words, no immigration, period.

Securing Our Future: The Wall & Border Security

Something about the discussion of border policy and security always seemed somewhat disingenuous to me. There is an almost absurdity that creeps around the topic. A sort of dramatic irony lurking in the shadows, an irony I was never able to put into words. That is until I happened to stumble upon a documentary about strife in Africa where I saw something incredible - African warlords, with 60-year-old AK-47s, that are able to secure territorial borders, while the most well-funded military in human history cannot stop low-skilled Mexicans from invading the USA. This is, of course, a deliberate policy decision.

The US government as well as the governments of Europe are choosing not to enforce our borders. They are choosing to instead use our tax dollars to help fund the invasion. This raises several questions, what does our military actually defend, other than the government's ability to replace the founding stock of the nation? How would a foreign occupation look any different? Men storming the gates, securing territory, installing their own people as government officials, murdering and raping the native population, and looting coffers. Every aspect of our lack of borders and immigration policy is far more akin to a nation being invaded by a hostile army, and less of a rational policy choice made by people with the concerns of their citizens in mind.

How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It

We've already lost the schools, Hollywood and the mainstream media. What happens when you can't get out conservative opinion via social media because they block, shadow ban and demonetize everyone who gets any traction? What happens if they put rules in place that essentially make expressing conservative opinions something that gets you kicked off their service? You're pro-gun? Sorry, not allowed. You don't like gay marriage? Get out of here. Criticizing Black Lives Matter? Out of bounds! We can hope for the best, but that seems like the future we're headed toward and it's one that will leave conservatism weaker than ever.

[To be honest, many conservative websites and blogs that got an early start in the World Wide Web did nothing to link to budding websites like mine, back when it was called Ranch Rescue Colorado and later Rescue Without Borders or in its current incarnation -- seeing new blogs or websites as threats to their turf and monopoly of alt.right ideology.  Conservative websites / blogs practice the same purposeful suppressing and ignoring of competition as the social media giants do to them in most cases. -- Webmaster]

Homage to the Post-First World: My Wanderings in Europe: Warsaw

Don't get me wrong, we're all for Poles being proud of being Poles and defending their White Christian heritage, but they seem to be doing just fine without us anyway.

Most of us have come from countries that are much worse off. For us, this is a practice run on friendly territory for people with our views. Poland seems to be the only White country in the world left where some form of nationalism is tolerated.

Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide?

Identity Politics has responded with outrage against People Magazine's choice of white male country singer Blake Shelton as "sexiest man in the world." According to adherents of Identity Politics, the choice indicates that People Magazine is itself racist and part of the white supremacy movement to elevate white people above people of color. The choice is doubly outrageous because, according to a writer in Salon, it reinforces and celebrates toxic white male sexuality and elevates a white man to a position of popular acclaim.

NYU Hires 'White Genocide' Prof Who Said Massacre Of Whites Was 'A Good Thing Indeed'

Former Drexel University professor George Ciccariello-Maher resigned from his position just days ago only to be hired by New York University as a visiting scholar at their Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. Ciccariello-Maher wrote Monday on Facebook: "I'm glad to announce that, starting today, I will be a Visiting Scholar at NYU's Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. Happy New Year!"George Ciccariello-Maher made headlines last year after tweeting, "All I Want For Christmas is White Genocide."

The Prince and the Community Organizer

For a self-described community organizer, full of the anti-colonial dreams of his father, Obama seems to enjoy inordinately rubbing shoulders with monarchs and princes. The BBC this week hailed his embarrassingly empty chat with Prince Harry as his first post-presidential interview (it was actually conducted last September but released only on Tuesday). The interview allowed two vapid liberals to wallow in their privilege while babbling about a world without privilege. Nothing phrases like "platforms of change" tumbled forth as they both longed for greater egalitarianism. The prince and the community organizer agreed that they are both "passionate" about helping paupers.

Obama, who is earning millions of dollars for twenty-minute speeches these days, says that he is concerned about unfair pay, while Prince Harry worried about the lack of seriousness accorded young people before asking Obama to choose his favorite Kardashian.

Shocking video shows how part of Los Angeles has morphed into a Third World shanty town

The shocking footage - captured using a car dash camera - shows the brutal reality of life on the street for some 20,000 people in the notorious Skid Row district. Shot on 5th Street, 6th Street and San Pedro Street, it is a stark glimpse into the day-to-day existence of some of the country's poorest citizens - including women and children.[It looks more like Johannesburg or a South American slum than a First World city. Diversity is "our" strength.]

$21 trillion of unauthorized spending by US govt discovered by economics professor

The US government may have misspent $21 trillion, a professor at Michigan State University has found. Papers supporting the study briefly went missing just as an audit was announced.

Two departments of the US federal government may have spent as much as $21 trillion on things they can't account for between 1998 and 2015. At least that's what Mark Skidmore, a Professor of Economics at MSU specializing in public finance, and his team have found.

A Simple Checklist To Help You Not Get Hacked

Bruce Schneier, a noted cryptographer and digital security specialist who serves on the project’s advisory board, points to a handful of good existing resources on internet security, including EFF’s Surveillance Self-DefenseFront Line Defenders’ Digital Protection, and Motherboard‘s recently published guide to not getting hacked. Security Planner isn’t meant to replace these guides, Schneier says: instead, it’s for users who want to improve their online security immediately without getting too deep into the intricacies of an ever-evolving set of technologies.

Switzerland is Prepared for Civilizational Collapse

As a further example of how ridiculously (sic) well prepared the Swiss are for any and all threats, there are things like hidden hydroelectric dams built inside of unmarked mountains so that in the event of mass bombings, they'll still have electricity from these secret facilities. And, remember, these are the things the Swiss government has let us know about. It is thought that there are probably more fortifications and hidden goodies scattered about the country's landscape.

French cities overwhelmed by "refugee" flow, government must step in urgently say mayors

The mayors of seven major French cities say they have been "backed up against a wall" by an unending influx of refugees. Paris must address the strain on the areas, which are struggling to accommodate new arrivals, they wrote.

The mayors of Lille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Rennes, Toulouse and Nantes have called out the government for inaction, asking it to do more to tackle the refugee crisis. The resources at the mayors' disposal are far from adequate to cover the needs of asylum seekers who want to stay at already-overcrowded shelters, the mayors wrote in an article to Le Monde on Saturday.

Austria: New Government To Resist "Islamization"

The anti-immigration Austrian People's Party and the anti-establishment Austrian Freedom Party have reached a deal, creating a new coalition to govern Austria for the next five years. The ground-breaking political alliance, which will be sworn into office on December 18, is poised to catapult Austria to the vanguard of Western Europe's resistance to mass migration from the Muslim world.

Chancellor-elect Sebastian Kurz, 31, who won Austria's national election on October 15 after campaigning on a promise to halt illegal immigration, will govern with Heinz-Christian Strache, 48, the Freedom Party leader, who has warned that mass migration is "Islamizing" Austria. Under the agreement, Strache will become the vice-chancellor; the Freedom Party will also take control of the ministries of defense, interior and foreign affairs.

German Officer Charged With Plotting to Kill Politicians, Save Germany from Muslim Invaders

Justice (sic) Minister Heiko Maas; Claudia Roth, the former vice president of the German parliament; and former STASI, East German Secret Police informer Anetta Kahane were among the targets of the officer, who has prepared weapons for attacks, including by stealing them from the army's depots, the federal prosecutor's office added.[This is comparable to the attempted assassination of Adolph Hitler in his secret bunker. Sometimes evil leaders must be removed by whatever means necessary in order to prevent a greater evil, which in this case is the importation of millions of "refugees" who have been weaponized by Brussels and Angela Merkel to destroy Germany and all of Western Europe. It appears that German intelligence agencies are protecting the "leaders" and their lackeys who are waging genocide against the German people. -- Webmaster]

STASI Roots of the German-Jewish Anti-Racist Left and Its Program of Destroying Ethnic Germany

For professional German "anti-racist" Anetta Kahane, last week was a very good week. For one of her many organisations is slated to lead the campaign to shut down opposition to the immigrant invasion on Facebook.

This clampdown on Facebook free speech is now one of the German government's highest priorities following a meeting between between Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerburg, and means that henceforth all criticism of the immigrant invasion will be severely curtailed. Such a vast initiative will need an army of loyal and trusted functionaries, and who better but Ms Kahane and her Network Against Nazis. ("Netz gegen Nazis") to show they mean business. Just to make sure ordinary Germans get the message the government have charged the leader of the dissident PEGIDA movement for anti-immigrant comments he made on Facebook.

In the lucrative anti-racism sector, Anetta Kahane is without doubt a shrewd and far-seeing operator. She recognised earlier than most that there were huge amounts of money to be had by re-packaging ordinary people's concerns about immigration into "Neo-Nazi" scares, and she worked hard to ramp up this industry and turn it into the money-making machine that it is today.

Like so many Jewish leaders in Europe these days, Kahane is quite brazen in expressing her wish for the destruction of White Europe. "You have to really change the policy of immigration inside Europe. This is very important; you have to change the educational system and the self-understanding of the states. They are not only white anymore or only Swedish or only Portuguese or only German. They are multicultural places in the world."

It was her founding of an organisation called the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in 1998 that has been her springboard to fame. This well-funded outfit aims to smear and defame all White resistance to immigration as "neo-Nazi" and works closely with magazines such as Stern and Die Welt to that end. Modelled after the Stephen Lawrence campaign in the UK, it receives lavish funding from the German government, the EU and a host of international NGOs including the Ford Foundation.

Her work has earned her a huge profile, and she is frequently sought out by the media for her views. She is not slow to oblige. Except, perhaps, when it comes to one matter.

This is her role as a collaborator for the STASI, or East German Ministry of State Security, between 1974 and 1982. From the age of nineteen, Kahane - codename: "Victoria" - was an enthusiastic informer or inoffiziele Mitarbeiter (IM) and submitted monthly secret reports on the political reliability of dozens of fellow students, journalists, actors and writers she mixed with.

Hungary dismisses compromise on asylum-seekers, wants EU external borders protected

Published time: 4 Dec, 2017 14:52 Edited time: 4 Dec, 2017 15:04

Hungary remains firmly opposed to illegal immigration and the EU should focus efforts on protecting its external borders, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said, commenting on an Estonian compromise proposal on asylum-seekers. "Hungary's view on migration is clear and rock steady: We think illegal immigration is dangerous. Because of illegal immigration, Europe has never had to face the kind of terror threat it faces now," Szijjarto told a news conference with ministers and officials from Eastern and Southern Europe. Under the Estonian plan, the European Commission would determine "fair shares" of asylum-seekers that countries would be expected to take in at their own borders - largely based on their population and wealth, Reuters said.

US pulls out of UN pledge to protect migrants as Europe struggles with 'refugee' tide

Washington has repudiated a UN pledge to protect the rights of migrants regardless of their legal status. The agreement is incompatible with the country’s sovereignty and the Trump administration’s views on immigration, US envoy Nikki Haley said.

In a statement released on Saturday, Ambassador Haley said President Donald Trump “determined that the US would end its participation in the process” known as the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. Despite former president Barack Obama having signed the declaration, Washington’s involvement is an affront to the American idea of sovereignty, she said.

Swedish Government Report Says Putting the Word "Refugees" in Quotation Marks is "Hate"

A report published by a Swedish government agency says that putting the word “refugees” in quotation marks is “hate” and that questioning the age of child migrants is also a form of extremism.

The report, written by the Swedish National Defence Research Institute, is entitled The White Hatred. It characterizes Sweden’s “new media,” in other words any media outlet that doesn’t blindly regurgitate politically correct narratives, as potential threats to democracy, conflating them with actual neo-nazi groups.

To be clear, the Swedish government is now overtly asserting that telling the truth about the “refugee crisis” is an act of “hate”. This represents an unprecedented attack on free speech and an Orwellian sign of what’s to come.

The report claims that using quotations represents an act of “hate” because neo-nazi groups also use quotation marks around the word “Holocaust” as “a way of showing that you do not agree with the existence of the Holocaust.”

“The report further alleges that society risks becoming tolerant of the intolerant. That is rather rich coming from the authorities of a European country that has accepted Islamic intolerance to an astounding degree. There is even a proposal from a government minister to reintegrate returning ISIS fighters, who might still wish to destroy the tolerant society that houses them,” writes columnist Judith Bergman.



Rural Colorado's white population is allegedly declining, while Mexicans, Africans, and Central Americans are being imported by agri-business, bringing in the Third World to replace White America

The Denver Post reporter is actually giddy about the demographic replacement of the European-Americans who settled the frontier and built the communities by Somalians, Sudanese, Mexicans, and Mestizos from Central America who are turning rural parts of Colorado into Third World enclaves.  The Denver Post and other Front Range newspapers like the Daily Camera have a long tradition of acting as cheerleaders for the transformation of Colorado into a mirror image of failed Spanish speaking countries from which people flee for a better life. If they think that American citizenship suddenly transforms these people of Hispanic culture into Americans, just look at how Puerto Rico struggles to recover from a hurricane.  Over half the island is still without power and its residents are fleeing to the continental USA by the hundreds of thousands.

Nicholas Stix: Is the Final Solution To The German Question At Hand?

In 2015, Christian-Democrat Chancellor Angela Merkel decided, in a conspiracy with other powers within and without the country, to end Germany. She opened its gates to millions of Moslem fake “refugees” (not that real refugees would have been any better), military-aged men who came with smartphones that some entity, whom the media refused to name, had paid for, along with their usage.

Real refugees would have been overwhelmingly women and children, but this wave of “refugees,” who came to be known as “rapefugees” based on their behavior in Germany, consisted at least 70% of men. They immediately engaged in a crime wave, especially the massive rape and sexual molestation of German girls and women. It was a conscious, invading army.

The German authorities responded with de-policing, lies, and persecution of Germans who complained about what was happening. The German media alternately refused to report on the new reality, or lied about it.

A new law makes it illegal to report on or complain about the new reality via social media. It has forcibly deputized social media companies, who must censor any statements that cast Moslems in a negative light, the truth be damned, or pay millions of Euros in fines.  Telling the truth is now a “criminal offense”. [Germany: Full Censorship Now Official by Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute, October 21, 2017]

Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part I

In Germany: Full Censorship Now Official

  • Germany has made no secret of its desire to see its new law copied by the rest of the EU.
  • When employees of social media companies are appointed as the state’s private thought police and given the power to shape the form of current political and cultural discourse by deciding who shall be allowed to speak and what to say, and who shall be shut down, free speech becomes nothing more than a fairy tale. Or is that perhaps the point?
  • Perhaps fighting “Islamophobia” is now a higher priority than fighting terrorism?

"Never underestimate the power of the dark side": Orban goes Star Wars on EU migrant invasion

Orban’s words were echoed by Hungarian MP Andras Aradszki, who claimed that “Soros and his comrades want to destroy the independence and values of nation states” by bringing migrants into Europe. He slammed the billionaire by calling him “Satan” earlier this month.

Orban’s latest remarks also come as Central and Eastern European countries witness a shift to the right. In Austria, two anti-migrant parties took the first two places in the parliamentary election, and are now expected to form the ruling coalition.

Just a week later, parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic ended up in a victory of an anti-establishment movement headed by a local billionaire dubbed “the Czech Donald Trump,” who is particularly known for his severe criticism of the EU’s immigration policies.

"Christian duty to fight Satan's Soros plan to bring migrants into Europe": Hungarian MP

Math equals white privilege? Hispanic professor's claim in new book "raises eyebrows"

 A professor at the University of Illinois has advised colleagues to be politically aware while teaching algebra and geometry in a new book aimed at helping teachers to improve their scholarly practices.

"On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness. Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White," Rochelle Gutierrez writes in the book on teaching mathematics, Campus Reform reports.

Muslim professor says genocide against Whites is morally required and yes, he works at a California university

A radical Islamic terrorist is currently employed as a college instructor at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). His name is Mohammed Abed, a tenure-track professor of ethics, social and political philosophy, and classical Islamic philosophy, who since at least 2006 has been advocating for the genocide of white people as a moral imperative for society.

USC Prof: "Whiteness Must Be By Any And All Means, Destroyed"

Ciccariello-Maher said late last year that all he wants “for Christmas” is “white genocide.” Ciccariello-Maher clarified his statement by saying that the massacre of whites during the Haitian revolution “was a good thing indeed.”

“I fully support @ciccmaher’s comments about the Haitian Revolution,” Charles H.F. Davis said in response to the controversy on Twitter.

Cambridge to "decolonize" syllabus, teach more black "literature"

UK is cucked and conquered. The grand replacement is almost complete. White genocide follows from white ethno-masochism

Austrian Voters Reject Demographic Replacement of Themselves by 3rd World Colonists

However one interprets these election results, it is certain that the “open border” scheme for Europe has suffered a reverse. Mr. Kurz has already started talking of a plan to close the Mediterranean route, the same way as the Balkan route was closed. As minister in the last government he helped enact measures to repatriate asylum seekers who went on holiday to the countries from which they had supposedly fled as refugees. He waves aside objections that his plan to halt migration across the Mediterranean would be complicated. “It is not complicated, it is simple” he assured journalists. “Migrants crossing the Mediterranean will simply be taken back to Africa.”

Auckland: White faces will soon be a minority in New Zealand [White Genocide]

Jacinda Ardern will be new New Zealand Prime Minister

MI5 chief says Islamist threat to UK growing at previously unseen scale and pace

Parker warned that as many as 850 homegrown Islamist recruits were due to return from the Middle East, but cautioned that the most practical danger came from the ease with which trained and amateur “extremists can exploit safe spaces online can make threats harder to detect and give us a smaller window to intervene.”

[What idiots the Brits are to knowingly allow homegrown Islamist recruits to return from the Middle East.  They must want these terrorists in Britain!]

Sanctuary City of San Francisco suffering Tijuana-level increase in car burglaries (and can't figure out why)

ISIS: Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock became Muslim 6 months before Massacre

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has published a new infographic detailing how the jihadists orchestrated the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history on Sunday night, despite serious doubts as to the group's involvement by "authorities".

In the latest edition of ISIS's weekly Al-Naba online magazine, which was shared by its supporters Thursday on encrypted messaging app Telegram, the militant network provided more information intended to bolster its prior claims that assailant Stephen Paddock converted to Islam prior to killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more, when he opened fire on concertgoers from his 32nd floor room in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas with nearly two dozen weapons.

FBI Source: Vegas Shooter Found with Antifa Literature, Photos Taken in Middle East

CBS Exec: No Sympathy for "Republican Gun Toter Country Music Fans"

Leftists Celebrate 'White Trump Supporters' Being Killed in Las Vegas

A leftist teacher celebrated the horrific massacre in Las Vegas because many of the victims are likely to have been “white Trump supporters”.

An anti-Trump activist with the Twitter name ‘Ann #TheResistance’ who is also a teacher reacted to the deadliest mass shooting in American history by tweeting, “Lots of white Trump supporters in Las Vegas at route 21 watching Jason aldean. Pray only Trumptards died! #prayforvegas.”

Another Twitter user lauded the massacre by tweeting, “Shooting at country music festival in Las Vegas?! Looks like revenge on those Trump supporters.”

“I hope they killed more than 25 Trump supporters lol,” tweeted another.

Other leftists wasted no time in hijacking the tragedy to push for gun control, with the hashtag #GunControlNow trending on Twitter and Piers Morgan attempting to collectively impugn white men.

That's because this guy is one of them. He's like the guy that shot up the softball field.




Canadian PM Trudeau Calls to End 'White Supremacy' After Somali Refugee's Terror Attack

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to news of a Somali refugee’s terrorist attack in Edmonton by sharing a call to “end white supremacy” and insisting “our diversity is our strength.”

On Saturday, a 30-year-old Somali national asylum seeker rammed into a police officer with his car and then got out and stabbed him repeatedly with a knife. Four pedestrians were also injured in the attack.

Afghan-Canadian Muslim Minister Maryam Monsef took to Facebook after the attack to run cover for the attacker and throw out a bunch of meaningless platitudes insisting this attack makes Canada stronger:


Terrorist With ISIS Flag Kicks Off Islamic Heritage Month By Stabbing Edmonton, Canada Cop and Running Down Four People

Toronto "rights activists" of color rally against "white supremacy'

Nothing is preventing these anti-White "rights activists" from migrating to the Middle East, Indonesia, Africa, or Haiti where they can enjoy the fruits of living in countries where they would only come across White people who were foreigners visiting as tourists, businessmen or aid workers helping to clean up the mess following a natural disaster that the locals of color are incapable of dealing with.

Texas Park Named for Confederate President May Become "Parque Unidad"

Why not just rename the state of Texas, while these White-hating "new arrivals" are at it?   May I suggest "Nuevo Shitexico"? -- Webmaster

France to have cross-hating Muslim majority within 40 years

Actually, 2057 is optimistic — and we are not only talking about France.

“And so, within 40 years at the latest, it is almost certain that the majority of the population will be Muslim in Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Holland,” he writes. “Again, these are not predictions but calculations, and I do not even call for new immigrants.”

In contrast, the moonbats running Europe are calling for plenty of immigrants. But even in the extremely unlikely event that Muslim immigration is shut off completely and immediately, Western Europe is likely to draw its last breaths within the lives of people living today.

Idiot, anti-Christ "UK counter-terror police" on mission for Allah arrest white nationalists

..and how many terrorist attacks have this group caused?....oh yeah!...none!  But a nice way to distract from the Islamic terrorism that is real.

See something, say something: Anti-White "EU" to resettle 50,000 refugees from North Africa

The "EU" will turn European cities into Mogadishu, Freetown, or Chigago-Detroit.  What kind of evil creatures are running the EU?  They are Hernando Cortez in reverse, looting and genociding Europe as fast as possible before white Europeans wake up and smell the Zyklon-B. See video below for a sampling of what the EU Commission is bringing to Europe.

Photos: The Gangs of Latino-American failed states

Note the ever present "soldiers" that keep nobody safe in Latin America.

In keeping with wave of anti-White cultural genocide, Dallas removes Robert E. Lee statue from park

White Hating Superman Protects Undocumented "Workers" From Armed White Man in Un-American Comic

In the recent issue of Action Comics #987, "The Oz Effect," released Wednesday, Superman arrives in the nick of time to protect a group of (illegal aliens) from a white man sporting an American flag bandanna, wielding a machine gun, who is going to shoot them for taking his job. 

Superman blocks the bullets before they hit the terrified invaders.

"I guess they couldn’t get Zorro or El Santo to rescue these poor criminals so they had to turn to a white boy — Superman — to help them break the law… able to leap over high border walls…able to stop a speeding Trump train in its tracks…it’s a bird…it’s a plane…no, it’s Supercuck…" [Comment from person at Occidental Dissent dot com]

The Islamic Future of Europe

Authored by Guy Milliere via The Gatestone Institute,

  • European leaders accepted the transformation of parts of their countries into enemy territories. They see that a demographic disaster is taking place. They know that in two or three decades, Europe will be ruled by Islam.
  • Ten years ago, describing what he called "the last days of Europe," the historian Walter Laqueur said that European civilization was dying and that only old monuments and museums would survive. His diagnosis was too optimistic. Old monuments and museums might well be blown up. Look nowhere else than what the black-hooded supporters of "Antifa" -- an "anti-fascist" movement whose actions are totally fascistic -- are doing to statues in the United States.

The terrorist attack in Barcelona received the same reaction as all the large-scale terrorist attacks in Europe: tears, prayers, flowers, candles, teddy bears, and protestations that "Islam means peace ". When people gathered to demand tougher measures against the rising influence of Islamism across the continent, they were confronted by an "anti-fascist" rally. Muslims organized a demonstration to defend Islam; they claimed that Muslims living in Spain are the "main victims" of terrorism. The president of the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Societies, Mounir Benjelloun El Andaloussi, spoke of a "conspiracy against Islam" and said that terrorists were "instruments" of Islamophobic hatred. The mayor of Barcelona, ?? Ada Colau, cried in front of the cameras and said that her city would remain an "open city" for all immigrants. The governor of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, used almost the same language. Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, a conservative, was the only one who dared to call jihadist terrorism by its name. Almost all European journalists said Rajoy's words were too harsh.

Violent Iconoclasm

Starting in the 1960s, writes Huntington, “deconstructionists” of national identity encouraged “individuals were defined by their group membership, not common nationality.” Pushing identity politics was a time-tested strategy for colonialist regimes, for the sake of dividing and conquering subject peoples. But the governments of nation-states instead focused on uniting their disparate peoples...

Huntington says that this did not start from below, but was imposed from the top, by American political, legal, and cultural elites. He writes, “These efforts by a nation’s leaders to deconstruct the nation they governed were, quite possibly, without precedent in human history.”

The movie "Lives of Others" now seems like a distant memory.  Back when Americans prided themselves for living in "The Free World", it seemed that the only people who lived under constant surveillance were those imprisoned behind the "Iron Curtain", in Cuba, or in "Red China". Now with surveillance cameras seemingly everywhere in America and Western Europe, and "smart phones" that can be used to track our every movements, words, text messages and purchases -- terms like "the Free World" have quietly faded away, like old soldiers.

Anti-White SPLC does full court press to stir up hatred against Confederate statues, schools and monuments

In the wake of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, Poland's interior minister said Europe should wake up to the “clash of civilizations” where Muslim enclaves form “support bases” for terrorists. He claimed Poland is safe as it had prevented the emergence of such "enclaves."

People in Italian town protest opening of reception center for African invaders

Huge 'Migrant' Wave Set To Hit Europe, German Intel Says

NGOs and European Defense Forces Shipped Another 85,000 Africans of Color to Italy

More than two-thirds of Italians (67%) now want Italy to close its ports to rescue vessels or deport all migrants ferried to Italy, and 61% want a naval blockade of the Libyan coast, according to an opinion poll commissioned by the Rome Daily Il Messaggero and published on 9th July. The Italians are sick to death of this illegal migrant invasion and of the complicity in it of the four unelected Italian prime ministers since the resignation of the last elected one, Silvio Berlusconi, in 2011. Few illegal migrants are granted asylum in Italy; even fewer deported.

Native German population being replaced by "immigrants"

"We have enough for an ARMY": Anti-Invader boat sets sail for Med to defend Europe

The Death of Europe in 29 Pictures

Scenes from the “refugee” crisis.

We have written frequently about the European “migrant crisis” of 2015: its origins, how the media misrepresent it, and why it is such a threat to Europe. We have profiled the keys personalities, from Angela Merkel, to Geert Wilders, to Viktor Orban, and reviewed several books about different aspects of the crisis. We have also published accounts of how sevral countries are handling the crisis (Italy, Russia, Poland, France), and covered the terrorist attacks this invasion has brought. We have also written about the organizations that have taken a stand to fight for Europe.

Here are some of the most memorable photos of the crisis from the last two years.

Austria to deploy troops & armored personnel carriers to border with Italy to stop invaders

The Italian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Austrian ambassador over Vienna's decision to re-introduce border controls. The move comes as Austria announced it was ready to deploy troops and armored vehicles to the Italian border over the growing migrant inflow. "We need to prepare for the migration development in Italy, and I expect very promptly that border controls will have to be activated and assistance requested," Hans Peter Doskozil told the online edition of the Krone daily.

The Strange Death of Europe

Mr. Murray details the extraordinary steps the police, press, and governments took to cover up crimes—especially sex crimes—by the new wave of immigrants. Everywhere in Europe, the apparent fascination and contempt brown-skinned people felt for white women was too terrible to acknowledge, and facts that might lend credence to “racists” had to be suppressed.

Everywhere, the reaction has been not to clamp down on the problem—immigration—but to clamp down on resistance to immigration. German police grill people who writes rude things about Muslims on Facebook. Officials in Bavaria warn women that wearing short skirts could lead to “misunderstandings.” At one point, British plainclothesmen were sent for meals in curry houses to listen for patrons who might unbosom forbidden thoughts. People associated with “far-right” parties lose jobs. Mr. Murray notes that it is always easier to criticize white people than brown people, and that criticizing white people provides a thrill of moral superiority.


"An authentic immigrant invasion is underway," as record breaking number of invaders make it to Italy in two days


Italy’s migrant welcome centers are in a state of “collapse” as huge waves of African migrants take advantage of the temperate climate to make the crossing from Libya to the Italian peninsula.

On Tuesday, 8,500 African migrants are reaching Italian shores aboard 14 different ships, adding to the 5,000 who arrived on Monday. The massive arrivals have led local media as well as politicians to speak of an authentic immigrant “invasion” exceeding the country’s capacity of assimilation.


"Returns policy is the key word in the 'migration crisis.' If we can send people back this will be the first and most important preventative measure, so that they understand there is no reason to come here," Estonian Interior Minister Andres Anvelt, said, as cited by the EU Observer. "Illegal migration and also economic migration must be stopped," he said.

Open letter to former South Afrikan president FW de Klerk reads like an Afrikaner version of Black Elk Speaks 


Forwarded below is a translation of a circular recently distributed by the HNP, which illustrates the depth of anger which South Africans still harbour against the traitor Klerk :-

Mr. De Klerk

Well now! You, who with great bravado indicated how you would change South Africa irrecoverably, are now scared of your own disgrace, now that you see the consequences and find out that your own political witches broom is irreversible.

We remind you of the conversation that representatives of Afrikaans national groups had with you on June 25, 1990, to try to bring you to your senses and to point out the dangers of your diabolic policy for the Whiteman of South Africa. And again and again, you were warned about the injustice that will be created by the tyranny of abuse of power, corruption, ideological obsession and similar malpractices. In spite of the fact that you have acknowledged that no charter or constitution can prevent power abuse or can guarantee that a Black government will protect the norms and values ​​of civilization, you continued on your catastrophic path and when the White electorate have increasingly turned against you, you never failed to abuse your presidential power to disassociate us by eliminating inter-elections and laws that conflict with the constitution, by steering the parliament in order to hand South Africa over to communist terrorists.

Your upside down South Africa has already claimed both goods and blood which calls for retribution, and yet it is not the end. As you sit safely and swallow up your traitors wages, so many of our peers bleed, those who could not escape from the country to escape your legacy. Farmers and townspeople are killed, families are torn apart and our peers are forced to beg for a living. You did nothing to prevent the massacre, you caused it.

You cannot reverse it. Keep quiet and never show your face again in public.

AE Breytenbach
Chairman of the Boer-Afrikaner Volksraad and leader of the HNP

Orania, South Afrika

'Exodus of biblical proportions' Millions more invaders to arrive due to EU's malevolence

The President of the European Union said there will be an exodus “of biblical proportions” in the next five years that will be “impossible to stop” if Europe does not confront the problem now.

Mr Tajani’s warning came as France evacuated almost 3,000 migrants sleeping rough from a makeshift camp near Paris’ city centre.


Bill Gates urges Europeans to abandon generosity, impede migrants [become xenophobic]

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has called on Europe to stop demonstrating generosity towards asylum seekers to avoid an overwhelming migrant influx. He also advises European states to make Africans' way to the continent much more difficult.

During an interview Germany's Welt am Sonntag, Gates, one of the richest people on the planet, warned of the grave consequences of exceeding generosity towards refugees coming to Europe, whose numbers would only rise unless something is done.

  • Constantino Banda-Acosta, 38, charged in May 6 crash in San Ysidro, California, that left 6-year-old Lennox Lake with severe head injuries 
  • ICE says Banda-Acosta is a Mexican national who has been deported at least 15 times since 2002, most recently in January 
  • He has past criminal history that includes charges of domestic violence and DUI
  • Banda-Acosta is accused of crashing into Lake family's Honda and speeding off without stopping to help
  • Lennox was found in his car seat unconscious, not breathing and with blood pouring from his ears, nose and a gaping head wound 
  • Jerry Brown's New Budget Includes Millions to Defend Illegal Aliens from Deportation

    Putin Warning to West: Evil People behind New World Order are in Final Stages of their Master Plan

    As European nations mourn their dead and prepare for the next wave of "imminent" terror attacks, President Putin warns that the New World Order are in the final stages of their "70 year masterplan for Europe", and the process will only speed up from here.

    "The New World Order put hornet nests in your countries," Putin told a Kremlin tour group. "And now they are poking them."

    With France in a state of emergency, the United Kingdom under martial law with thousands of troops patrolling the streets, and Germany and Sweden suffering migrant-related breakdowns of law and order, it is hard to argue with Putin.

    The New World Order's plan to fill Western nations with radical Islamic immigrants - against the will of the citizens of these countries - and then unleash hell on earth by "poking them", has been achieved.

    Putin believes that the open border policies forced on European nations must be rejected if the continent is to have any chance of a peaceful future.

    "My European brothers and sisters must reject the globalist open border policies being pushed onto them by the elite."

    There is no place for sovereign nations in the globalists' vision of the future, according to Putin. And the Russian president pointed the finger of blame directly at the Rothschilds and their cabal of international elites [the parentheticals].

    Anti-White EU commisars launch attack against Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic for not taking in terrorists and other invaders of color


    NGO's and coast guards "rescue" thousands of economic migrants in demographic warfare against Europeans

    Adult men who knowingly board overloaded rafts and boats and set out to sea to invade Europe should be left to their own devices and be permitted to possibly drown rather than have European coast guards and anti-White NGO's act to help them overcome nature's barriers and obstacles that have kept Europe safe from invasion for thousands of years.  Otherwise, the coast guards and NGO's are helping Africans and other outsiders to invade Europe in a real world imitation of Jean Raspail's version of Camp of the Saints


    Far Right Raises £50,000 to Target Boats on Refugee Rescue Missions in Mediterranean Sea

    The crowdfunding campaign began in the middle of last month when a French faction, Génération Identitaire, set up a "defend Europe" website to target refugee rescue boats, mimicking the direct action tactics of groups such as Greenpeace. Its mission statement says: "Ships packed with illegal immigrants are flooding the European borders. An invasion is taking place. This massive immigration is changing the face of our continent. We are losing our safety, our way of life, and there is a danger we Europeans will become a minority in our own European homelands."

    PayPal blocks donations to far-right campaign hampering migrant (sic) "rescue" efforts in Mediterranean

    PayPal's online payments system has blocked contributions to a fundraiser by a French far-right group, which planned to charter a boat to hamper migrant rescue efforts in the Mediterranean. The blocking followed (((public outcry))) and a social media campaign.

    Poland: No Muslim 'migrants' means no Terror Attacks

    " The only way to protect Poland from terrorist attacks is by not allowing Islamic migrants into the country, Polish European Parliament deputy Ryszard Czarnecki has said." [That should trigger the anti-White coalition of the European Commission, Angela Merkel, et al.]

    Geert Wilders: 'Surging demographic change means Europeans are in danger of being replaced'

    The situation for Europeans reminds me of the scene on a box car in the movie Shindler's List where some doubt still remains among the people in the box car as to whether the rumors of death camps are true -- until one Jewish woman looking through a hole in the side of the car sees a young boy making the sign of slitting his throat from the side of the tracks.  Wilders is like the little boy in the movie in the very real sense that he knows the end game.  Whether Western Europeans can eliminate the ruling "elite" who are leading them to their own genocide before it is too late remains to be seen. -- S. Byron Gassaway

    Amnesty International: US Gave ISIS $1 Billion Worth Of Arms In 2016

    Baxter Dmitry
    May 25, 2017

    The US army gave $1 billion worth of arms and equipment to ISIS in Iraq during President Hussein Obama's final year in office, according to Amnesty International. The human rights group said the figures came from a 2016 US government audit, obtained through a Freedom of Information request. "This audit provides a worrying insight into the US Army's flawed - and potentially dangerous system for controlling millions of dollars' worth of arms transfers to a hugely volatile region," Patrick Wilcken, Amnesty's researcher on international arms control, said in a statement. "It makes for especially sobering reading given the long history of leakage of US arms to multiple armed groups committing atrocities in Iraq, including the armed group calling itself the Islamic State." In 2015, the US gave $1.57 billion worth of equipment to Iraq to help them fight ISIS through the Iraq Train and Equip Fund. Now it has been revealed they also funded the enemy, providing them with weapons.

    Wake Up America: TX Sheriff Rants Against Political Correctness After UK Attack


    Taking in refugees much worse than EU sanctions - Polish interior minister

    Accepting refugees under the EU relocation scheme would “certainly be much worse” than Brussels’ penalties for not doing so, Poland’s interior minister said, following an EU commission warning to Poland and Hungary to implement quotas or face action.

    “We mustn’t forget the terror attacks that have taken place in Western Europe, and how – in the bigger EU countries – these are unfortunately now a fact of life,”Mariusz Błaszczak said in an interview on Polish radio.

    “Remember that the now very numerous Muslim communities (in western European countries) started out as relatively small numbers,” Błaszczak added. 

    Błaszczak also said the current migrant crisis is solely a western European problem. “These countries had colonies back in their time, they benefited from Asia’s and Africa’s riches,” he said. “This is an attempt to shift the repayment of those debts on Poland, as well.”


    'The Great Replacement': French President Macron supports EU, Migration + Globalization


    Europe's Childless Leaders Sleepwalking Europeans to Disaster

    Being a mother or a father, however, means that you have a very real stake in the future of the country you lead. Europe’s most important leaders leave no children behind.

    Europe’s most important leaders are all childless: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron.

    The list continues with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.As Europe’s leaders have no children, they seem have no reason to worry about the future of their continent. German philosopher Rüdiger Safranski wrote:

    for the childless, thinking in terms of the generations to come loses relevance. Therefore, they behave more and more as if they were the last and see themselves as standing at the end of the chain.

    “Europe is committing suicide. Or at least its leaders have decided to commit suicide”, wrote Douglas Murray in The Times. “Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself or even take its own side in an argument”.


    Germany's "Migrant Crisis": 'By 2060 There Will Be No Germany as We Know It'

    The German Interior Ministry has released its 2016 crime statistics, showing a surge in crimes committed by migrants. In a passionately argued analysis on the risks posed by the country's ongoing migrant crisis, Russian Europe observer Igor Pshenichnikov warns that if current trends continue, Germany as we know it will cease to exist this century

    DHS chief tells Congress critics to 'shut up or change immigration laws'

    “If lawmakers do not like the laws they’ve passed and we are charged to enforce, then they should have the courage and skill to change the laws,’’ Kelly said in a speech at George Washington University on Tuesday, according to the Washington Post. “Otherwise they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines.’’

    Europe Is Facing a Battlefield of Migration Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán Claims

    Speaking about the opposition he has faced Mr Orbán said: “National governance in Hungary is under continuous pressure and attack… the most important thing at stake is whether we will have a parliament and a government that will seek to serve the best interests of the Hungarian people, or a parliament and a government that will seek to serve foreign interests.

    “If we were to accept that Brussels or other political and financial centres should dictate to us, or that Hungarian or American billionaires should tell us how things should be in our country, then we would (cease to be a sovereign nation).”

    Argentina: A Mirror of Your Future

    How demographic change can destroy a country.

    Argentina is a distant mirror that reflects what may be North America’s future. It is a small-scale laboratory of the effects of migration: A suitable migration policy can transform a nation for the good; a wrong one spoils it.

    Photos of invaders being "rescued" and sent to Europe in Soros backed demographic war against White Europeans

    Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Italian Coast Guard "rescue" Africans off Libyan coast and dump them in Europe instead of returning them to Libya

    NGO's protest too much, claim they aren't prime movers in flooding Europe with African invaders of colour

    NGO's, along with Italian Coast Guard, are the de facto primary movers of millions of Africans and assorted other pseudo-refugees into Europe.  They claim they are humanitarian organizations, but there is nothing humanitarian about waging demographic warfare and genocide against the European peoples.  -- Webmaster

    Feds and UN Dumping Unvetted, Diseased Refugee Men on US Taxpayers (Citizens)

    A Missouri woman who has attended official meetings on resettling migrants is blowing the whistle on United Nations and federal schemes that she says are quietly flying in huge numbers of unvetted, diseased “refugees” from across Africa and the Middle East — many of whom do not even have a known name — and immediately handing them passports, Social Security numbers, and a vast array of tax-funded benefits. Noting that the overwhelming majority of the migrants she observed were men, she suggested the schemes were an “intentional device” to “invade the United States of America.”

    Census: Immigration to break 100-year record, continue surging

    The legal and illegal population of foreign-born immigrants living in America will break a 100-year-old record in just six years — and will continue to smash records for the rest of the century, according to a new analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data.

    “I think it is a very strong message that the politician of the government has been voted out of office, that is very clear, and now it is going to be probably difficult to have a new government,” she added.

    “For the rest of Europe it is very clear that we have got one major issue and that is migration and that is Islam. We have to talk about it and we have to find solution to it. And this is what splits the people,” Beatrix von Storch continued.

    Merkel says EU has OBLIGATION to accept (fighting age Muslim men) and insists Islam NOT source of terrorism


    The German Chancellor launched a staunch defense of her controversial refugee policy which allowed more than 1.1million migrants into the country in 2015, prompting protests and social upheaval. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, she said the bloc as a whole has a duty to accept even more "refugees".

    French elite chose their new pawn, Emmanuel Macron, former Director of Banque Rothschild

    A casual observer might think the French oligarchs would be happy with François Fillon, a regular politician from the party now known as Les Républicains. That’s the old UMP, with a fresh name in 2015 but nothing else changed. Fillon was Prime Minister in the right-wing and very pro-American Sarkozy government, 2007-2012. Fillon was a safe bet if the polls can be believed, they showed him winning the second round of elections, the “knock-out round.”

    This comes as shock a to people, especially outside France, but the oligarchs have rejected Fillon. A list of his “defects” reveal a stubborn French patriot who defends Christians and family values, who wants French-Russian friendship, and who is not a dyed-in-the-wool Europhile. This ordinary right-wing politician didn’t support the Maastrich Treaty which is a foundational document of the EU. That was 1992, and since then he rebuilt bridges with the Europhile elite, or so people thought. Fillon wants to end the sanctions and he’s also calling for an EU-Russian conference to work out new security arrangements. Fillion is also supportive of Syrian Christians, who have been a main target of the terrorists. In 2015, he spoke at a meeting of 1600 supporters of this endangered minority. (

    It’s shocking how Christian churches have been so silent on this state-sponsored attack on their coreligionists. That silence means that Fillon has gone out on a limb in opposing the genocide of Christians because the US, France, Saudi Arabia, even Israel are up to their eyeballs in supporting the terrorists.

    That which men capable of independent thought understood intellectually decades ago, men less so well endowed, finally, understand viscerally. They have woken up and smelled the agenda: the ship of state has an iceberg embedded in her hull; and it is Political Correctness, or Cultural-Marxism, which put it there.

    Guest Opinion: Celebrating in the Police State

    M. Jagger -- Occidental Observer

    My New Year's thoughts do not circle around new resolutions, seeing as that I have already resolved to do everything possible to make this difficult existence more tolerable. Rather, my thoughts linger on the fact that we now live in a police state precipitated by Muslim immigration and the general coexistence with various and sundry other non-White people.This was brought to mind by a photomontage from New Year's Eve, featuring ominous looking police and military figures guarding areas which would formerly appear in a more celebratory aspect. Could there be any better symbol of our current maladies? All our holidays are now sullied with the countermeasures made necessary by...diversity. 1,500 armed polizei in Cologne-in some ways a welcome sign that Chancellor Merkel has tacitly acknowledged that Germany is out of control; but unwelcome insofar as, well, Germany is out of control. Heavily armed NYPD are seen guarding Times Square in anticipation of a truck-style attack as perpetrated in Berlin and Paris. Somehow it just doesn't feel "festive."

    Viktor Orbán Fights for Europe

    On the European continent today, one man stands out as a true statesman: the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán. He and his government have spoken out boldly on the threat to European identity posed by African and Islamic immigration. They have done so in the framework of a wider critique of individualism and internationalism, and have stressed the need to ensure the continued autonomy and cohesion of European nations.


    Pompeii Archbishop: "Europe Will Be Muslim Because of Our Stupidity"

    Monsignor Carlo Liberati, Archbishop Emeritus of Pompeii, said that Islam will soon become Europe's main religion thanks to the huge number of Muslim migrants alongside the increasing secularism of native Europeans.

    Speaking to Italian Catholic journal La Fede Quotidiana, the archbishop said: "In 10 years we will all be Muslims because of our stupidity. Italy and Europe live in a pagan and atheist way, they make laws that go against God and they have traditions that are proper of paganism.


    Those Who Do Not Learn From History

    If the massive importation of hostile refugees into Europe gives you a sense of déjà vu, you might be a student of Roman history:

    In 410 A.D. the walls of Rome were breached and the city plundered by a barbarian army under the leadership of Alaric the Goth. … The fall of Rome shocked the world at the time, but what is not generally known nowadays is that the Gothic army that carried out the atrocity had entered the Empire thirty years earlier as refugees.

    'CIA created ISIS', says Julian Assange as Wikileaks releases 500k US cables

    Send them back to Africa: EU should intercept asylum seekers at sea, says German Interior Ministry

    “The elimination of the prospect of reaching the European coast could convince migrants to avoid embarking on the life-threatening and costly journey in the first place,” a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

    Putin Warns European Countries Have No Future if They Continue to Accept Migrants

    In remarks made earlier this week, Putin made reference to a story out of Austria where an Iraqi migrant was not punished for raping a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna after he claimed it was a “sexual emergency” and that he didn’t understand the boy didn’t want to be raped.

    “It doesn’t fit into my head what on earth they’re thinking over there,” said Putin, adding, “This is the result of the dilution of national values.”

    Hungary's Orban rejects 'Sovietization' by Brussels, defends nation state

    BUDAPEST (Reuters) - At a commemoration of a 1956 anti-Communist uprising, Hungary's right-wing leader Viktor Orban said his country must stand up to Europe's "Sovietization" and defend its borders against mass migration.

    Orban, a critic of the European Union and an early opponent of the recent migration wave into the continent, said freedom in Europe depended on the nation state and Christian traditions.

    "People who love their freedom must save Brussels from Sovietization, from people who want to tell us who we should live with in our countries," the prime minister said to cheers from a crowd of several thousand.

    The Mexifornication of Santa Ana, California has succeeded per the wishes of anti-White Hispanics and their Liberal-Progressive comrades [And it's contagious!]

    The town of Santa Ana has been almost 100% purged of white people.  They were pushed out not by tanks and machine guns, but by a massive influx of people speaking a different language and bearing a different culture who expected everyone to adapt to their norms.

    Today Santa Ana is nearly 80% Hispanic and less than 10% white.  We have a city in America that now demographically perfectly mirrors many cities in Mexico.

    Census: Record 42.4M immigrants, 23% of school kids, Muslims biggest jump


    An Austrian cardinal who is one of the frontrunners to be the next pope has warned of an "Islamic conquest of Europe".

    According to reports of his speech to mark the 333rd anniversary of the Battle of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said: "Will there be an Islamic conquest of Europe? Many Muslims want that and say: Europe is at its end." 


    Middle-America Hit with Staggering Immigration Surge

    Immigration is impacting an ever-larger proportion of Americans. In 1990, 1 in 8 Americans lived in a county where at least 20 percent of adults were immigrants. By 2014, 1 in 3 people did.


    Tinderbox at the GATES OF EUROPE: Expert warns REAL invasion surge has only started!

    We have been invaded and indoctrinated. "We" chose not to fight back because our enemies were not wearing uniforms, driving tanks, or flying planes. Our enemies were within our own government, school leadership, and media. True Americans have been diluted, they have stripped Christianity from our hearts, indoctrinated our young and diluted our population with non-patriots.  America, the greatest superpower ever, is done.


    No successful society shows a spontaneous tendency towards multiculturalism or multiracialism. Successful and enduring societies show a high degree of homogeneity. Those who support multiculturalism either do not know this or, what is more likely, realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies. This transformation is as radical and revolutionary as the project to establish Communism in the Soviet Union. Just as every aspect of life had to be brought under political control in order for the commissars to impose their vision of society, the multiculturalists hope to control and dominate every aspect of our lives. Unlike the hard tyranny of the Soviets, theirs is a softer, gentler tyranny but one with which they hope to bind us as tightly as a prisoner in the Gulag. Today's "political correctness" is the direct descendent of Communist terror and brainwashing. Unlike the obviously alien implantation that was Communism, what makes multiculturalism particularly insidious and difficult to combat is that it usurps the moral and intellectual infrastructure of the West. Although it claims to champion the deepest held beliefs of the West, it is in fact a perversion and systematic undermining of the very idea of the West.

    'Blackmail': Eastern European governments lash out at EC's 'refugee' quota

    Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia have lashed out at the European Commission's proposal to fine countries that refuse to implement a quota plan for the distribution of refugees. Brussels says the plan is aimed at easing pressure faced by frontline nations.

    The plan, announced Wednesday, envisages mandatory payments imposed on countries that refuse to accommodate asylum seekers – a move which Hungary says is “blackmail.”

    "Regarding the fines proposed by the European Commission, it is blackmailing," Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said after a meeting with his counterparts from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland in Prague, Reuters reported.

    He went on to call the quota concept a “dead-end street” and asked the Commission not to follow through with it.

    Those thoughts were echoed by Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, who said the quota system is “a bad makes no sense.”

    Former US Diplomat: Suicidal Migration Policies Will Cause Europeans to Flee Their Countries

    Former U.S. diplomat Adam Topolansky warns that Europeans will inevitably flee their own countries as a result of “suicidal” migration policies that have seen millions of Muslim asylum seekers pour into the continent over the last year.

    In an article for Hungary Today, Topolansky, who worked for the U.S. State Department between 1984 and 1988, says that European countries like Hungary and Czech Republic that have refused to bow to the migrant influx will become a refuge for European citizens who will become migrants in their own land as a result of mass Muslim immigration.


    Nick Griffin, President of British National Party and Member of European Parliament, in a statement after the attacks on a Paris theater and other targets in 2015.  So prescient, given the situation in much of Europe today. 
    "Longer-term, understand this: The shots in Paris will echo around Europe. They mark the real beginning of a Europe-wide Civil War. It cannot now be avoided, because it has already started. By fits and starts it will grow worse and worse, until the horror ends in one of only two possible ways:
    "The submission of the West to a new and truly Dark Age, with religious intolerance and slavery and savage slaughter for the indigenous peoples of Europe; or the wholesale deportation not just of the extremists but of every community which sympathises with or harbours them.
    "This is now inevitable. The only question that remains is whether, whichever way it ends, the peoples of Europe will, along the way, also settle scores with the elite psychopaths, crooks and anti-white racists who created mass immigration and imported the Muslim Menace in the first place."

    Record 61 Million Immigrants in U.S.A. [including 20 million illegally]

    -- In Georgia, this population grew 3,058 percent (from 55,000 to 1.75 million), 25 times faster than the overall state population.

    -- In Nevada, this population grew 3,002 percent (from 26,000 to 821,000), six times faster than the overall state population.

    -- In North Carolina, this population grew 2,937 percent (from 47,000 to 1.43 million), 30 times faster than the overall state population.

    Poland Rearms in the Demographic and Cultural War -- as EU and Germany Protest

    One of the first actions of the new government was, following the Paris Islamic terrorist attacks, to reject the migrant relocation scheme that was agreed on between the previous liberal government and the European Union. Poland then effectively joined the other members of the Visegrád bloc — Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia — and Romania in rejecting the scheme. The EU had initially  pushed for Poland to accept 12,000 rape- and terrorism-prone “refugees,” while today it looks like very few if any will actually arrive.

    A second move is a major new program to boost fertility. Poland is one of the most ethnically homogeneous countries in Europe. Unfortunately, her birth rate is catastrophically low, having fallen to 1.3, one of the lowest levels in the world. Such a low birth rate, combined with substantial Polish emigration to Western Europe in search of higher wages, is disastrous for Poles’ medium and long-term power and influence in a dangerous world. The government at least sees this as a problem and is searching for solutions, notably by proposing a 500 złoty ($125) monthly universal child benefit for every child beyond the first. This represents a handsome sum in a country where the average net wage is around $850.

    Thirdly, the new Polish government recognizes that mainstream Western culture has become hostile to traditional values in general and indeed to the continued existence of European nations. In particular, the government has passed a new law to eliminate leftist bias in state media and to promote patriotic programming.

    PDF file of "refugees" who morphed into terrorists once in USA

    Slovak PM Closes The Door To Refugees: "We Don't Want What Happened In Germany To Happen Here"

    (On January 8) Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico formally stood up to the Brussels supergovernment juggernaut and said his government will not allow Muslims to create "a compact community," adding that integrating refugees is impossible.

    Fico's government filed a legal challenge last month to a mandatory plan by the European Union to distribute migrants among members of the bloc.

    Fico said Thursday his government sees what he calls a "clear link" between the waves of refugees and the Paris attacks and the sexual assaults and robberies during the New Year's Eve festivities in Germany.

    He says: "We don't want what happened in Germany to happen here."

    Fico says "the idea of multicultural Europe has failed" and that "the migrants cannot be integrated, it's simply impossible."

    Czech President: "We Are Facing An Organized Invasion And Not A Spontaneous Movement Of Refugees"

    Czech President Milos Zeman called the current wave of refugees to Europe “an organised invasion”, adding young men from Syria and Iraq should instead “take up arms” against the Islamic State (IS) group.

    “I am profoundly convinced that we are facing an organised invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees,” said Zeman in his Christmas message to the Czech Republic released Saturday.


    Understanding the Threat to America -- The Outlawed Brief

    Resettlement Contractors Lie to Protect Their Franchise

    Third World Invasion: The ISIS Threat and Beyond

    In the long term, how many of the numberless Third World colonists are actual terrorists is irrelevant. The main danger is that there are too many of them, and that on the whole they are unassimilable.They do not come to participate, but to sponge and to conquer. This gives an idea of what is pouring into Europe in vast numbers: Muslims among migrants trying to reach Italy by boat from Libya tossed 12 fellow passengers overboard because they were Christians, Italian police said. All 12 drowned. These are not immigrants; this is an invasion force. Their desperation, which turns Europeans against themselves by yanking on heartstrings, is a weapon far more effective than tanks and fighter jets. If Europe has a right to exist, it has a right to defend itself. That entails stopping the invasion now, by whatever means necessary, before Europe is overrun almost exactly as foreseen in Jean Raspail's prescience, The Camp of the Saints. Wilders is one of the very few with the courage to demand the invasion be stopped. But millions more know he's right. Closer to home, Moslem congresscritters Keith Ellison and Andre Carson are trying to ban Wilders from entering the USA. For obvious reasons, the enemy within does not want his voice heard.

    “What we are witnessing is the destruction of Western civilization, not by an armed invasion, but by envelopment,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) said Wednesday during a hearing on Capitol Hill on the growing refugee crisis in Europe.

    “What we have seen over the past few months is unsustainable, and if not checked, will change the fundamental nature of European countries which are now being inundated,” said Rohrbacher, who chairs the House Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats.

    No infrastructure for so many people: German village of 102 getting ready to house 750 'refugees'

    Comments from an RT reader:

    "This village should be taken as an experimental subject. Since now the Muslim population would be around 90% and the locals only 10% of the entire population of 1000, we need to observe the dynamics of this village. How the locals are discriminated, how majids come up spoiling their afternoon naps with Azzans from loudspeakers, how they stalk the women of the village and the overall health of Sumti. What happens on the village is whats going to happen in the entire Germany and Europe soon. I loathe Merkel and i hope she burns and burns and burns in a never ending fire and she doesnt die..."

    Croatia Under Siege: Migrants vs. Mad Germans

    Report: 75% of population growth since 2000 from immigration, 100 million more by 2065


    For professional German anti-racist and former STASI agent Anetta Kahane, last week was a very good week. For one of her many organisations is slated to lead the campaign to shut down opposition to the immigrant invasion on Facebook. This clampdown on Facebook free speech is now one of the German government's highest priorities following a meeting between between Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerburg, and means that henceforth all criticism of the immigrant invasion will be severely curtailed. Such a vast initiative will need an army of loyal and trusted functionaries, and who better but Ms Kahane and her Network Against Nazis. ("Netz gegen Nazis." to show they mean business. Just to make sure ordinary Germans get the message the government have charged the leader of the dissident PEGIDA movement for anti-immigrant comments he made on Facebook.

    German Bar Instructs Citizens to Inform on Parents Opposed to Illegal Immigration


    Smartphone App Guides Muslim Insurgents Through Europe

    35 MILLION invaders heading to Europe, says Hungary as it builds second fence

    Federal Data: U.S. Annually Admits Quarter Of A Million Muslim Radicals

    Like Ripley's sociopath boss, Carter Burke, in the movie Aliens; Angela Merkel, other Western leaders and the European Commission are importing aliens as a demographic WMD against the original European people!  Membership in the EU or NATO seems to be a death sentence for the indigenous European people as a Camp of the Saints scenario unfolds like a Blitzkrieg. Former Warsaw Pact nations may return to Moscow's fold for protection against the flood of African and Islamic State invaders being welcomed by Angela Merkel and other anti-White puppets for the globalists.

    Immigrants from China and India, many with student or work visas, have overtaken Mexicans as the largest groups coming into the U.S., according to U.S Census Bureau research released in May. The shift has been building for more than a decade and experts say it's bringing more highly fertile immigrants here.  Soon, the United States will become an overpopulated country like India or Pakistan where people will flee for a better life to countries like Iceland, if Iceland were stupid enough to repeat the mistakes of Europe, Australia, Canada, and South Africa by failing to control their borders and in-migration.

    European Commission plans to wage demographic warfare against White Europeans

    As Europe struggles to address a worsening invasion crisis, the executive arm of the European Union is expected  to submit a proposal to distribute invaders across the 28-member bloc, officials said on Monday, a plan that would encounter fierce resistance from some national governments. [Let us hope so.]

    Third World Invasion: The ISIS Threat and Beyond

    In the long term, how many of the numberless Third World colonists are actual terrorists is irrelevant. The main danger is that there are too many of them, and that on the whole they are unassimilable.They do not come to participate, but to sponge and to conquer. This gives an idea of what is pouring into Europe in vast numbers: Muslims among migrants trying to reach Italy by boat from Libya tossed 12 fellow passengers overboard this month because they were Christians, Italian police said. All 12 drowned. These are not immigrants; this is an invasion force. Their desperation, which turns Europeans against themselves by yanking on heartstrings, is a weapon far more effective than tanks and fighter jets. If Europe has a right to exist, it has a right to defend itself. That entails stopping the invasion now, by whatever means necessary, before Europe is overrun almost exactly as foreseen in Jean Raspail's prescience, The Camp of the Saints. Wilders is one of the very few with the courage to demand the invasion be stopped. But millions more know he's right. Closer to home, Moslem congresscritters Keith Ellison and Andre Carson are trying to ban Wilders from entering the USA. For obvious reasons, the enemy within does not want his voice heard.

    How to Know if Your Community Is Slated for Displacement by Imported Third World Colonists

    The U.S. is bringing in 100,000 Muslims every year through legal channels such as the United Nations refugee program and various visa programs, but new reports indicate a pipeline has been established through the southern border with the help of the federal agency whose job it is to protect the homeland. They are coming from Somalia and other African nations, according to a Homeland Security official who was caught recently transporting a busload of Africans to a detention center near Victorville, California.

    Census data: 78 U.S.counties shifted to non-White majority since 2000

    The Obama Administration sanctioned demographic replacement policy targeting American Whites is succeeding beyond the open borders folks' wildest dreams. Non-Whites are now the majority in 19 of the 25 most populous counties in the country, according to Pew. Those now include Clark County, Nev., which surrounds Las Vegas; Broward County, Fla., which is Florida's second-largest; and Sacramento County, Calif., home to the state's capital. Some of the shifts have been dramatic: Broward, which includes Fort Lauderdale, went from 58 percent white to 40 percent white. Mecklenberg County, which includes North Carolina's largest city, Charlotte, went from 61 percent white to 49 percent white. Sacramento County dropped from 58 percent white to 47 percent white.  

    No successful society shows a spontaneous tendency towards multiculturalism or multiracialism. Successful and enduring societies show a high degree of homogeneity. Those who support multiculturalism either do not know this or, what is more likely, realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies.

    This transformation is as radical and revolutionary as the project to establish Communism in the Soviet Union. Just as every aspect of life had to be brought under political control in order for the commissars to impose their vision of society, the multiculturalists hope to control and dominate every aspect of our lives. Unlike the hard tyranny of the Soviets, theirs is a softer, gentler tyranny but one with which they hope to bind us as tightly as a prisoner in the Gulag. Today's "political correctness" is the direct descendent of Communist terror and brainwashing.

    Unlike the obviously alien implantation that was Communism, what makes multiculturalism particularly insidious and difficult to combat is that it usurps the moral and intellectual infrastructure of the West. Although it claims to champion the deepest held beliefs of the West, it is in fact a perversion and systematic undermining of the very idea of the West.

    Somali Gang Drives by Maine Park and Shoots Park-Goers with Pellet Guns

    White children will become minority of Colorado's Under 18 Population by 2021

    Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group (including Whites in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States).

    In The Sunny Salinas Valley - A Long Weekend In Occupied America

    Texas demographer: 'It's basically over for Anglos'

    By 2040, only 20 percent of the state's public school enrollment will be Anglo, he said. Last year, non-Hispanic (sic) white children made up 33.3 percent of the state's 4.8 million public school enrollment.

    Of the state's 254 counties, 79 recorded declining population during the past 20 years. All are rural. An additional 30 Texas counties, he said, would have also lost population had they not experienced Hispanic growth.

    The state's future looks bleak assuming the current trend line does not change because education and income levels for Hispanics lag considerably behind Anglos, he said.

    Unless the trend line changes, 30 percent of the state's labor force will not have even a high school diploma by 2040, he said. And the average household income will be about $6,500 lower than it was in 2000. That figure is not inflation adjusted so it will be worse than what it sounds.

    Multiculturalism and Marxism: An Englishman looks at the Soviet origins of political correctness

    No successful society shows a spontaneous tendency towards multiculturalism or multiracialism. Successful and enduring societies show a high degree of homogeneity. Those who support multiculturalism either do not know this or, what is more likely, realize that if they are to transform Western societies into strictly regulated, racial-feminist bureaucracies they must first undermine those societies. This transformation is as radical and revolutionary as the project to establish Communism in the Soviet Union. Just as every aspect of life had to be brought under political control in order for the commissars to impose their vision of society, the multiculturalists hope to control and dominate every aspect of our lives. Unlike the hard tyranny of the Soviets, theirs is a softer, gentler tyranny but one with which they hope to bind us as tightly as a prisoner in the Gulag. Today's "political correctness" is the direct descendent of Communist terror and brainwashing. Unlike the obviously alien implantation that was Communism, what makes multiculturalism particularly insidious and difficult to combat is that it usurps the moral and intellectual infrastructure of the West. Although it claims to champion the deepest held beliefs of the West, it is in fact a perversion and systematic undermining of the very idea of the West.

    Chinese nationals brought in to fill British Columbia coal miner "shortage"

    INSIGHT-Dread fills Greenland as Chinese workers replace local workforce

    Multiculturalism is the new Communism

    Whites reduced to mere 27 percent of student population in California public schools.

    ACLU goes to U.N. to aid illegal aliens to invade U.S.A.

    Arizona Sheriff says Washington has become our worst enemy.

    Biblical Exodus from Africa creates Camp of the Saints-like invasion fears in Europe

    Edmond Connelly on White Decline

    Judicial Watch Website

    Audio link about CIA funding of the arts and 'intellectuals' in Africa in the '60s (fascinating)

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